#TrueorFalse 9.0 {LeapDay Version}

#TrueorFalse 9.0 {LeapDay Version}

Stellar Stellar
Since we only have a leap day once in four years, I figured we could make something special today! Something, ...hmmm..., extraordinary!

Let's go to the most controversial terrain of our discussions - the the matter of personal reference and stereotypes! YAY for stereotypes! In the times we live in, they are the only thing we can still happily destroy

It is now open for discussion, do you think THIS to be true, false or plausible?

Men deem breasts and booty to be the sexiest parts of woman's body, while tend to like muscular torsos

I won't even comment on that personally, because I want to hear what you guys have to say.

What would be your verdict?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
RockDoc , unfulfilled , OH&W, Lovebears , hoser69 , Ms.Terious , Devz , Chey , 20yearstogether
8  (67%)
Stellar , HelenaSnow , Moominz , C&K0143
4  (33%)
Total votes: 12
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RockDoc RockDoc
Totally true IMO
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I'm voting true as a whole since it's stereotypes we are talking about. I know exceptions to the rule because I don't have either and I have men who love me for my quirky personality, but they are my personal exceptions.
OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
I'll put true. However I go for the whole package. Face, smile, personality, how they walk, lips, eyes and their confidence.
Stellar Stellar
Since stereotypes are nonobjective, I'm voting plausible - I know this might be true for many, but from my perspective it's not. Actually, I'm struggling to put all the boys I've been with in an only category by physical characteristics. Well, they were all men
Inquisitor Inquisitor
Stereotypes, oh boy... SMH... Ok, first please send all hate mail to the email address listed in my profile. I will read only the really nasty and mean ones.

Now to answer the question, the objectifcation of women, Yes but only to a certain degree. There are other things that for me can also get my attention. For example, if I a lady catches my eye that has either a larger or at least a more pronounced backside or chest, she usually has some of my attention. It also depends on how these body parts are being displayed. If she is wearing a halter crop top and bootie shorts vs a tunic and ankle length skirt or pants. These are extremes but you get the idea.

There are times when a woman has half of the equation and that still makes me want to slap myself in disbelief. I find myself asking how did she get all of that in there?

Muscular and/or shapely butts also are worthy of a second look.

Verdict, True!
HelenaSnow HelenaSnow
It's definitely nice to see a muscular torso (which is why I am voting for plausible) but in my personal opinion my very first action when I meet someone is looking at his or her eyes. I feel that is the sexiest part of a person. I can see that the muscular torso could be the "it" thing for some woman but if the guy can't take my breath away with that expression in his eye, I know I can't hit it off with him.
Stellar Stellar
So, as far as I can see, my dears, we embrace some stereotypes, but we've learned to use them wisely. That's encouraging, indeed!

And now, to the next discussion and beyond!
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