Ball on a string! [Comedy Review]

Ball on a string! [Comedy Review]

That Weird Guy That Weird Guy
So let me start off by saying I'm not totally sure how well I can comically pretend to fake review a ball attached to a string (I've never used one), but here it goes.

The ball is slightly porous, but its malleable so it's not hard on the teeth. It has some holes for easy breathing (or panting). The strap is made of durable leather, but the buckle I feel could be better. It's made of "metal" I'm really not sure metal is the correct word for this as it's almost like plastic. It tastes very bad.

OK, so now for the use of this thing. I used this and might I add that this was a very true story of what happened. I wore it for a while a little bit too long, my jaw got numb. As you can start to picture this story, this is the part where it goes horribly wrong. (I am only sharing it because I think it's the best way to sum up the ball gag review.) It was fairly late when I used the gag, and when I saw the clock I was elated to find out that the Sunday comics (the one with the full page of funnies) would be on my front door step. I went out side and was completely blown away at the response my neighbor gave me. This is exactly what she said, "Bitch you better get your ass back inside.". She was always quiet, I never expected her to be violet or very vocal. So I tried to ask what she was on about, but I quickly came to that conclusion. Then she whipped me repeatedly with her newspaper.

So I think technically it was working as intended, I'm not an expert, but I think she might have known a little bit more than I did about what the hell was going on...

I haven't used it since. Now my dog bites it constantly, I think she waiting for the squeak.

This is dedicated to all the things I would assume would be hard to review. So I thought whats better than to share it for a laugh. This kind of reminds me of when I was reviewing my "Metalic Ring". My first thought was wow, how the hell do I write more than 10 words about this thing?
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