Choosing a pet's name

Choosing a pet's name

chantalgiardina chantalgiardina
How did you choose your pets name?

We recently got our 3 year old daughter a bird. She wanted one so bad so we broke down and got one. On the way home we were talking about the game and my hubby mentioned lebron James.. then started joking around saying he was going to name the bird that. well out of no where our 3 year old says no it's "the bird james" but it sounded like labird james so needless to say the birds name is.. Labird james.. who knew?
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Woman China Woman China
The majority of the animals we had growing up were named after the personality of the characters from children's movies. I'll never forget Templeton the raccoon. He'd lay at the food trough on his back, quite literally scooping the food into his mouth. Laying there eating and eating, and yes. We learnt that raccoons got sleepy if they ate too much. So this damnable fat coon would pass out beside the food dish. If you picked this little bugger up, he looked like a pear. The tiniest little shoulders with the fattest cutest little belly you ever did see. He reminded us of the rat from Charlotte's Web.

OH! Then there was "Sparky". She was a raccoon whose mother was fried by eating some wires and Sparky found with the tip of her tail fried and her fur never grew back.

And then there was Oopsie. He was a bear. His mama and father were used by these butchers of hunters who declawed them, removed their teeth and tied them to a tree so their hunting dogs could learn to track and attack bears. When the government found them and sent the bears off to an animal sanctuary in northern Ontario, they discovered that the mama bear was pregnant. Mama bear died, and so we got Oopsie for about six months.

We had Chernobyl Toes for this cat was an odd cat because he had all sorts of extra toes on his paws.

There was Sputnik the dog, and Olive the other (rein)deer. And Hiss the snake.

And lots more!!!
Beck Beck
We just pick names that go with the personality of the animal.

We have a cat named Jamie because when she was born she made this extremely loud noise. My hubby is the loud one and named Jamie, so we jokingly named her Jamie. Ended up keeping her because she is too cool.

I had a cat named Diablo. He got his name because he would growl a lot and sound like a demon.

I have a cat named Stormy because she likes to mess things up. She knock everything off the counter and drag things around on the floor.

I have a cat named Dopey because when we first got him he was very Dopey!

I have a cat named Lola because she is like a little show girl kitty.

And finally, I have a cat named Lily, but I don't know why. It was suppose to be Dexter, but we found out it was a girl. Lily sounded good with Lola. Since they are sisters we decided it was a good fit.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
My first cat (age 7) was Shadow because she was a black cat.

My next cat (age 15) was Pixel, whom I named after the cat from Heinlein's Future History mythos.

My Malti-poo (born 2005 to my parents' dogs) is Voldemort ... his mommy was inbred, his father was under a spell (well, hormones), he wasn't supposed to be born, and he looked like a little white slug. And he's tried killing my mother twice (tripping her).

Just after Voldemort, my ex-husband acquired a Manx cat that had huge ears and a sharp face, so his name had to be Dobby. (Dobby died of feline leukemia about a year later.)

In 2007 was the acquisition of a Main Coon/Calico we named Aphra Behn (the 18th century essayist and smut writer). The ex-husband got her in the divorce.

It usually takes me a day or two to name a pet, so it usually turns into "What am I currently obsessed about and does any part of it fit the new baby's personality?" By that reasoning, Aphra's name should have been Tardis (I was in the middle of an original Doctor Who fanfic writing craze), but I decided to go with something more classical - and she was such a dainty thing, too.
js250 js250
It has to fit the pet. Bugs Me used to try to crawl in my nose as a kitten, Gimpy-deceased- was limping when we rescued her, Morris sounds like the cat food cat. We have many others, but these ones stood out.
BG529 BG529
Originally posted by Woman China
The majority of the animals we had growing up were named after the personality of the characters from children's movies. I'll never forget Templeton the raccoon. He'd lay at the food trough on his back, quite literally scooping the food ...
there is a stray cat in the neighborhood that I feed who has a bunch of extra toes!!!
BG529 BG529
We just got a Pit he is darlin! His name is Castiel, Cas for short. We got his name from link), and or Christian mythology.
Geogeo Geogeo
More original than the names I would come up with as a kid, "caramel" and "cinammon", "candy" lol
El-Jaro El-Jaro
Dippert Joshua Wong (when all my cat's had the last name of Wong...there's a story) was nicknamed "Dip" because of the full gray tail with a white tip. He's all kind of a dip too.

Fidget Eurepedes MacWidget lives up to his first name. He's a bit special. His father was his uncle...yeah.

Cats in particular live up to the name you give them, I've found.
Bex1331 Bex1331
My cats named lightening because I was playing FFXIII at the time and that's the main characters name, she was also quick as lightening
lovekink lovekink
I grew up with a German Shepherd named Punky. My sister and I were very much into the Punky Brewster show and we wanted to name our dog Brandon b/c Punky's dog was named Brandon. My Dad wouldn't let us b/c our dog was a girl so she ended up being Punky!

Now I have a German Shepherd named Bentley...weird.
brevado brevado
Nursery rhymes... songs... BINGO.
AshMegYo AshMegYo
I agree that it has to match the pet.. I like small dogs and want 2 (a boy named Max and a girl named Lily). My Hubby and I are planning on getting a female pitbull soon and have no idea what to name her, but if she were a boy the name would be Phillip (inside joke between us)
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