Dog lovers: How many times a day do you feed your dogs?

Dog lovers: How many times a day do you feed your dogs?

Bignuf Bignuf
We always have a "free feed" bowl of food out, but we still do a mixed dry/canned meal twice a day. We have friends who have no free feed bowl and serve their dogs one single meal a day, which they claim is "more natural" and which a number of "dog experts" support. I think I don't want my dogs running around hungry.

What do you do with your dogs feedings?
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Jaimes Jaimes
My pups eat once a day, when we have dinner. Our dogs are far more attention driven than food driven, and since they know they aren't supposed to bother us when we eat, they get a chance to chow down without feeling like they are missing out on potential snuggles. On the weekends, I'll give them a little breakfast/lunch, since they are most likely going to be playing pretty hard during the day.
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
Katie09 Katie09
We leave food out 24/7. Sometimes though, you have a dog with housebreaking problems. In that case, set meal times help you to time when to take them out. If you do use set times, I've heard it's best to do it 2x a day and not just once.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Whenever he wants, but usually that equals once or twice a day.
We leave a bowl of hard food out but he doesn't bother with it at all.
indiglo indiglo
The general rules I've heard are

puppies: 3 meals a day
adult dogs: 1 meal a day
senior dogs: 2 meals a day

Size can make a difference too, as large dogs shouldn't be fed 1 large meal per day (regardless of age) due to the dangers of bloat.

I go by that while potty training, but once potty trained all my dogs have always just had a dish of food sitting out all day for them. They usually do seem to eat just once or twice a day though.
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