Do you have great Style? I'm talking Fashion!

Do you have great Style? I'm talking Fashion!

jr2012 jr2012
I have been reading a lot of "girly" fashion magazines recently, and I am curious as to how many people here actually participate in fashion (men and women!). What I mean is, do you really think about your outfits when you get ready? Do you put together "looks" with perfect accessories and nail polish? Are you looking at magazines like mine and following the tips?

Or you own a designer item? Or are you more casual when it comes to dressing?
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SoSexxxay SoSexxxay
If you mean "fashionable" as emulating what magazines are telling you are fashionable, then no. I pretty much just do whatever I want. Sometimes I'll pay attention to whatever colour is hot right now. I'm usually pretty casual but funky.

I always accessorize (make my own jewelry or wear cool vintage finds) but don't always wear nail polish, because most of it is really unhealthy (hello, formaldehyde??) but I keep my nails healthy and shaped and use a buffer to make them shiny. I love makeup but I'm not too heavy on it. I think the most important part of the face (fashion-wise) is the eyebrow, it anchors your face and sets you up for success or failure, so I am really anal about my eyebrows.

I don't really care about designers. I have some designerish items, mostly given as gifts (Coach, D&G, DKNY) and an awesome vintage Christian Dior piece that showed up in my Mom's basement randomly... but I don't really seek them out. I just go with whatever I like that fits me well (bubble butt can be hard to clothe!)
indiglo indiglo
I don't try to emulate most current trends. I find most of what I see in magazines ridiculous and stupid. Plus, I can't go out and get a new wardrobe every Spring to have all the hot new trends. (Who of us can??)

So I get pieces that I think are classic, look good on me, and are fashionable. I have enough variety in my clothing that I can dress up really nicely if I want to, or dress down to be more casual. I like to look put together when I go out, but if you catch me just out running errands during the week I'll likely be in a t-shirt and flip flops.

As for designer stuff... puh-lease. Again, who has that kind of money? Besides, I think a lot of that designer stuff is ugly.
married with children married with children
dont know or care if I do. I just wear what is comfortable to me.
Sera26 Sera26
I love clothes. I'm more into my own personal style than just what is trendy, although I do keep up on stuff when I can just because I love to see new or revamped things.
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