Extremely morbid dreams--do you have them?

Extremely morbid dreams--do you have them?

K101 K101
Nightmares are very common for me, but usually I'm being chased by a specific person and they're trying to hurt me. Those are normal for me and they started after going through something scary and awful. Those I'm used to. I'm not used to having a lot of death or such creepy things in my dreams. There have been several times over the years that I've dreamed about my twin sister dying in terribly ways right in front of me and each time I'm totally flipping out and trying to help her. For example, we live on a mountain and there's been two times I've dreamed about her dying at the same spot on our mountain. One she was in a car and burning and the other me and her were in her red car and had wrecked and were hanging off the mountain and she was hanging out the window. Those dreams REALLY tear me up for a good day or two. She has very similar ones about me. We usually freak out, but warn each other to be careful and then we write it off as something to do with us being twins and possibly not living together these past few years. I had a fantastic dream dictionary and that's pretty much why I felt it had something to do with us fearing being apart after being right by each other's side every waking moment of our lives.

BUT earlier I dreamed something so awful! It was about my mom and I don't even want to say/type it I'm so freaked out. I dreamed that she had a brain... tumor. It was the most screwed up dream ever! I've dreamed about my parents in very dangerous situations, but never so... bad as a tumor! I dreamed not long ago that my dad was driving down the mountain and I passed him and saw that he was asleep at the wheel so I jumped out of my car while driving and ran down the road to help him. I was grabbing his door and banging on the window to wake him up. He woke up and then fell right back asleep! But he didn't get hurt or die. Strange that most of these nasty dreams have to do with a car, driving and going down either side of the mountain we live on. Then recently I dreamed that he was out at the barn behind my house and I saw someone jump from a tree and try to stab him and then another person was there (strangers, all of them) and shot the stabber. Really crazy dream, but I wrote it off because I have been reading Helter Skelter and assumed the insane violence had to do with reading that book before bed.

Now back to my dream earlier--I was at my grandmother's house and my twin sister and older sister came to me and said "moma has a brain tumor." And I started crying like mad and then we were all together, the family and watching her... she was so sick. It was horrible I tell you!

So I've lost my dream book, but this dream has had me a little tore up all day. I don't think dreams all mean something, but I've found that they can have meaning and WHY on earth would I dream something so terrible about my mom?

Have you ever dreamed things like this? People say "I dreamed --- was going to die and two weeks later, they did!" I don't usually believe that, but I'm pretty worried. Would you be? Tell me about your dreams. Do you interpret them? I know things like red can signify dangerous situations and I have had that happen, but nothing extremely serious. I just wonder where in the world a brain tumor came from, in this dream? The word brain tumor hasn't even crossed my mind lately and I've went over it and know that I've not read anything or watched anything that has to do with brain tumors.

So, have you ever had dreams like this? If you were me, having so many dreams about parents being severely ill, would you flip out? Feel free to share anything you want about your dreams and experiences. I always enjoy reading other people's experiences too.
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I have extreme dreams like this very often.
Badass , Ansley , M.O.'s Girl , RomanticGoth , RTC , humblepie , DreamWolf , Peggi , Narr , darthkitt3n , Allstars316 , pinkpottergirl , MistressDandelion
Once in a while.
Vegan Silk , Mamastoys , Ms. N , soe , DustBunny , Jon S , CuddleWhore , funluvinmama , indiglo , ghalik , Geogeo , Zombirella , MamaDivine , Rin (aka Nire) , GONE! , ViVix , - Kira - , Hallmar82 , Beck , mistressg
squire , socceras , ejrbrndps , dv8
I don't remember my dreams.
Rossie , Master DarkWolf , Dixiemomma , - Kira - , Hallmar82
Mine are usually peaceful, but I have had a few like this.
CuddleWhore , funluvinmama , ghalik , Rin (aka Nire)
Yes! Let me tell you about mine.
DustBunny , GONE! , MistressDandelion
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Badass Badass
I have crazy nightmares as well, frequently.. where my father has come back to life and my mom gets sick instead.. where im being chased by "bad people" and im trying to find my significant other.. my mom dying is a frequent and painful dream.. i can't believe they mean anything, or i would drive myself nuts..

i choose to believe that my fears are just playing a movie in my dreams.
Vegan Silk Vegan Silk
I've had horrible dreams where Either me or a family member is harming another family member.
K101 K101
Good news! I was desperate without my dream dictionary and resorted to an online one... not sure if I should trust it, but then again it's dreams, they could mean lots of things or nothing. Here's what I found:


To dream that you or someone has a tumor suggests that some repressed memory or feeling remains unsettled and is threatening to emerge into your consciousness. You need to confront these issues. Consider where in the body is this tumor is located for additional symbolism. "

That's good that it doesn't mean my poor mom will be ill, but scary since I may have "repressed" something. Wonder what it is? I think I'll look up brain too.

Oh my, badass! LOL BAHAHA. Sorry. While I was typing that out, it sounded so funny "oh my, badass!" Anyways, goodness! That sounds horrific. I'm so sorry you have those nightmares. I'm going to message you incase you don't come back and see my comment. I hope you don't mind me asking though, is your mother still alive? Sorry, that sounds an awful thing to ask. I'm sorry that you have that dream so often! That'd be hard to deal with.

Your fears are playing a movie in your dreams is actually probably pretty accurate. I'm no Freud, but I have read about dreams for so many years and have heard this being common, to dream your fears. Maybe that's what I'm doing with this dream? That is why I dream my regular nightmares, about the man chasing me to hurt me--because he hurt me in real life and I fear he'll find me again so that could be something there. Also, I am so close to my parents and family. It's probably unhealthy, but I really don't like being away from them and never have! It's not a pretty thing, but we are used to being around each other at least a few minutes daily and I sometimes have major fears when thinking about being apart from them for good. Like if something happened.

Also, I didn't think of this til' now, but both of my parents work in a really dangerous area. High crime, big time! My moma has been robbed at gun point at her work more than once. My dad's job is in a scary place. So scary that he doesn't want us visiting him there. I have before only a few times and each time, we've had strangers approach asking for drugs or money. They get violent out there. Maybe THAT has something to do with my dreams? I do worry about them a lot while they're at their jobs. I'll have to do some more thinking. I might even find the reason I dreamed it. I'm thinking now that it's just my worries of things happening to them.
K101 K101
Originally posted by Vegan Silk
I've had horrible dreams where Either me or a family member is harming another family member.
Yikes! That is awful. I'm sorry ya'll guys have yucky dreams too.
squire squire
I know I have dreams from time to time, as seen when I'm woken up in mid sleep by something, but generally speaking I never have bad or morbid dreams and I never remember having any kind of dreams when I wake up naturally. I generally, as well, don't get bothered by things that are graphic or scary in life, so probably why they don't imprint and translate to my dreams.

I've always been that way, which I guess is a good thing, as my memory is less vivid. My partner has an excellent memory, photographic, and the nightmares and morbid dreams she experiences after seeing a horror flick are crazy.
K101 K101
Yikes! That is awful. I'm sorry ya'll guys have yucky dreams too.

Just looked up "brain" and here's what I found... very interesting!


To dream of your brain suggests that you are under severe intellectual stress. You need to put your problem-solving abilities to use. Alternatively, it implies that your ideas are not receiving enough attention and validation. You are concerned that your knowledge and teachings are not be transmitted clearly.

To dream that you are undergoing brain surgery indicates that you need to rethink some important issue. You need to change your way of thinking and put aside any misconceived notions you have."

Now that could definitely relate to some of my feelings lately, being under stress and especially with my writing work since I'll be graduating this month. However, it wasn't ME with the brain tumor in my dream so that's strange too.

Either way, a lot of "meanings" could apply to about anything in any given person's life, but they're still really interesting and sometimes helpful to me. I think I can stop freaking out about my mom now though

Squire: You sound like a healthier dreamer than the rest of us I am not bothered by creepy or talking of death (I read Helter Skelter before bed) so in real life, I'm somewhat interested in creepy things and can hear them without being affected negatively except feeling sympathy, but in my dreams, it's a totally different story. I suppose that's because it's my own loved ones suffering.

Wow. That would be a pain to have nightmares so easily, like your partner. Sometimes movies will get to me in my sleep, but sometimes not. It depends. I can be sleeping while the TV is on and dream what I'm hearing. That has caused some nightmares before! Lol.
Mamastoys Mamastoys
Most of my dreams (that I remember) are about falling a long way, being in water and can't get out, or something bad happening to a family member. Thank goodness, I don't have many of them!
RomanticGoth RomanticGoth
I don't sleep very often because of my dreams. They're very, very violent and I wake up crying and the bed is soaked in sweat. Sometimes I dream about a very traumatic experience that almost killed me.

Eep... Just thinking about it makes me want to go make another pot of coffee.
DustBunny DustBunny
I have very graphic dreams, which is only sucks when they are nightmares. I purposely avoid watching horror movies or even previews so as less nightmare fuel. But sometimes even normal things will get horrifically warped.

I once had a dream that the cast of House was in the zombie apocalypse with me, I forget what happen to who, but I recall at one point before the hospital was taken over, the idea of a fence with "offerings" was constructed. In order to "protect" the people in the hospital, people were hung by their wrists outside of the fence made of sharped wooden poles. So in the dream I remember seeing the staff hung with me ripped apart as zombies tried to climb the fence, as well as some getting impaled on the fence as they tried to climb. It was so graphic that it really stuck with me, to the point I couldn't shake it or sleep for the rest of that night or the next.
Rossie Rossie
I don't remember my dreams nowadays. The only vivid dream that I had was the one I've mentioned in my thread about the temple-looking structure.
CuddleWhore CuddleWhore
Occasionally, yes.
Master DarkWolf Master DarkWolf
I rarely ever remember my dreams.
DreamWolf DreamWolf
Originally posted by Master DarkWolf
I rarely ever remember my dreams.
My dreams are mostly extremely strange, and very often bizarre as hell, that it raises even the bald's hair... ^^
indiglo indiglo
I sometimes have very vivid, very disturbing dreams, yes. Often, it's just our brain's way of reorganizing thoughts and ideas to put them where they need to be for storage. I still find them upsetting many times though, even knowing that.
Geogeo Geogeo
I've had a few murderer chasing me dreams but the worst are the ones of people you know dying. I remember waking up twice crying by a parent and a friend death in a dream...I felt so stupid waking up in tears for nothing lol
Zombirella Zombirella
I don't want to post the ones that were pretty messed up, but I've had some. I just don't want people thinking things about me. I blame those dreams on the shows and movies I watch and the books I read. Some that I think WTF when I wake up. I have normal scary ones too, one that is reoccurring from time to time involving a Tornado (because those are high up on my fear list). I've had some that make me feel weird days after I wake up because they were so vivid and crazy. I tend to have intense dreams alot though. I just had one last night that was pretty intense but I woke up thinking "that was bad ass!". Obviously, I like zombies and I had a zombie apocalypse dream last night, it was just so awesome! I have had dreams where I die and those disturb me most. So do dreams about getting cheated on. I was hurt so bad by my first "love" that I have trust issues with people in general and I just always think I'm going to get cheated on even though my former serious relationship, I was never cheated on in the 4years. I just feel like I found the person that is for me and losing him would be so depressing. So I guess dream where I die or he cheats or leaves me are the WORST.
Breas Breas
Honestly, if I were to explain some of the messed up nightmares that I've had, you'd think I was absolutely crazy. I've been having nightmares for a very long time now. Actually, ever since I started taking a medication for anxiety. I suppose it's a side effect of the drug. Most of my life I've had nightmares, but since taking the drug for anxiety, it's much more often. I'd say that at least 5 evenings out of the 7 in a week I will have effed up dreams that not even Stephen King could come up with.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
Probably the most unsettling dream I ever had (at least that I can remember at the moment) was one wherein my dad chopped off his hand and left in on the kitchen counter for me to find - as a joke. Thankfully nightmares aren't too common for me. Most of my dreams are of the abstract and/or fun variety, and are usually just somber at their darkest.

Nightmares don't bother me at all in the long run, though. While I do believe dreams have some meaning, most are just nonsense compiled by a sleeping brain. When they are meaningful, the meaning is often (if ever) 100% straightforward, usually not even 50%.

And I put absolutely no stock whatsoever in dream dictionaries or anything like that. If a dream or something in the dream is symbolic, what it symbolizes is very likely to be different for everyone. To say that anything that appears in dreams has a set meaning for everyone or almost everyone is, to me, complete hogwash.
Yeah, I have pretty bad nightmares. Only when I'm super stressed out.
Allstars316 Allstars316
I only remember the nightmares when I'm sick. Those are bad and not needed
ViVix ViVix
Originally posted by K101
Nightmares are very common for me, but usually I'm being chased by a specific person and they're trying to hurt me. Those are normal for me and they started after going through something scary and awful. Those I'm used to. I'm not ...
I either have sex dreams or nightmares and not much in between. I had a dream when I was younger that still bothers me. I was holding a little boy that I assume was my son in the dream (though I have no boys yet), and his father was trying to kill me. I ran to my car, but I was locked out of it. I could feel him behind me, and I didn't know what to do with my little boy, but I just knew I was going to be strangled. I think my father physically abusing my mother when we were younger lead to that dream. I've never had a bad dream that actually happened *knock on wood*.
Beck Beck
Only once in awhile do I have nightmares like this. I do usually have very vivid dreams, but they are usually sex dreams. I had one last night. I hate remembering them. They are always about someone I don't want them to be about.
pinkpottergirl pinkpottergirl
I have night terrors, But I am now on meds for them
MistressDandelion MistressDandelion
I have a lot of morbid dreams. Basically I almost only have nightmares, so I learned to enjoy them. Hey, free horror movie.

I'll often dream I'm drowning or in space with mo air or I get shot (that feels kind of good) or I get my limbs ripped off (once I got my legs replaced by ski sticks, the pointy side in my leg, and I had to climb stairs... Without knees). Things like that. And I feel everything.

My good dreams are usually very WTF in nature, but at least nobody is trying to kill me.

Also, I remember ALL my dreams, because my fibromyalgia affects my sleep cycles.
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