Exzema issue...

Exzema issue...

MamaDivine MamaDivine
My 8 year old appears to have exzema (a pretty bad case of it) on her arm. She has been scratching it so badly that she has left claw marks and broken skin. She was crying today because the itch and burn wouldn't stop.

Honestly, I have always had mild exzema all throughout my life and never had to deal with it to this extreme and I have no idea what on earth to do for her .

Someone had mentioned that you have to bring them to the doctor to be diagnosed with it and someone else said to just treat it at home. Any suggestions?
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Rossie Rossie
It's best to bring her to the dermatologist. But, you can buy a jar of Aquaphor healing ointment to apply on her problem areas, it works great on people with Eczema.
K101 K101
Originally posted by MamaDivine
My 8 year old appears to have exzema (a pretty bad case of it) on her arm. She has been scratching it so badly that she has left claw marks and broken skin. She was crying today because the itch and burn wouldn't stop.

Honestly, I have ...
Aw! I'm so sorry. My 2 yr old neice just went to the dr. last week and we were told she has it too as well as STAPH! I have a lot of natural remedies I use for all kinds of things so we've been testing them out. However, her grandmother has took hold of her the last several days and isn't wanting to give her back anytime soon so we're having a very hard time even keeping up with how she's doing I have some vitaminE gel which is somewhat helpful. Her grandmother used the creams from the Dr. as well as a HUGE stash of crap for eczema from drugstores, none of which will help and for good reason if you look at the ingredients. Tea Tree Oil (pure!) is almost always helpful for these things and when I get her back, I'm using it on hers. Also, I went to SkinActives.com and bought several different products that are supposed to be incredible for all serious skin problems including eczema. I have yet to get to use any of it on her, but tested it on me. I don't have it so I can't know just yet how it works, but I liked it so far just for dry skin and heard great things about it.

I would try coconut oil or aloe vera also pure. Those have amazing healing benefits!

Like I said, the doctors "Cream" helped nothing with our Buggy. I'd absolutely recommend going natural on this. I love natural remedies and all, but I don't go really out of control with it. I do however believe that some things are absolutely only treated with natural things. The reason I believe that is because those few suggestions I mentioned are the same things that's healed my serious health issues!

DO REMEMBER to be absolutely 100% sure whatever you use is safe and she's not allergic. Even if it's natural, she can still be allergic. If you've used tea tree oil or coconut oil or aloe before on her, she should be OK. My mom started using TTO on me and my twin when we were kids for things like bug bites and it'll even get rid of a yeast infection (it's cleared mine up in minutes before!) I hope you find something soon though. I know it looks miserable to see her itch and be uncomfortable.

Our Buggy hasn't had any bleeding or severe redness. She scratches a lot and they appear to be flesh colored tiny patches of bumps. I've actually wondered if she was even diagnosed correctly, but I suppose so. We will see! It doesn't sound like the severity of your babie's though so a Dr. may be needed. I think they'll give shots sometimes when it's severe... possibly cortisone or something? Not totally sure.
MamaDivine MamaDivine
Awesome suggestions! Thanks to the both of you. Im really hoping that I can figure something out soon for her. She is scratching the hell out of her skin and its scaring me because she is doing it in her sleep now too.

The horrible thing about all this is that she lives with her dad during the week and he usually "takes care" of this sort of thing. (Which is bunk, because he doesn't really take care of much of anything unless I bring it up...go figure). They live almost an hour away, so its hard to have me go up there to bring her to the doctor or any specialists either. So Im hoping that maybe I can get her on spring break to bring her into a dermatologist. At least then we can diagnose what is going on with her.

She had a skin infection (can't recall the name of it) back when she was 3 that tore up her whole body. Bad daycare, ended up having some sort of skin infection from their pets? I dunno, it was gross and I had to treat my baby head to toe with some sort of cream. Hell, I thought she had chicken pox when that stuff happened! Ugh, I just pray its something that is treatable or manageable....cause I hate seeing her like this and me not being able to do anything about it, for now anyways.

Ill check with a dermatologist first, to diagnose and we'll go from there. Im with you Kendra, I would much rather have her go the natural route. We had my son (tourettes) on "doctor prescribed" crap and he only got worse over the course of three years. I put him on a natural remedy (Kids Calm- I will promote that stuff til I die!) It works GREAT and he's off that medicine that could very well send him into a heart attack or other horrible side effects. Soooo anyways, I will definitely be checking into the natural stuff. Just want to have her diagnosed firstly. Thanks again ladies! huge help!
Rossie Rossie
Kendra's Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil are great remedy suggestions too.

I forgot to add:
Rather than using regular soaps or body washes, let her use Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Wash instead. Also have her cut back on red meat and avoid eating shell fish.

Hope her skin will be better soon!
Stinkytofu10 Stinkytofu10
I have this at times, I use the Eucerin Calming Cream.
P'Gell P'Gell
Two of my three kids have had eczema, as do I sometimes. It was so uncomfortable for them.

I did watch their diet (no dairy helps for a lot of kids) but the medication the Pediatrician gave us for it works well, but it has to be used for weeks or months in order to work properly. Eczema is usually a long term problem and the treatment can take a long time.

Elocon and Ultravate are two common topical drugs which work well for this issue.

I have to tell you, we've had no success with "natural" remedies for eczema. OTC creams like unscented Curel help with the dryness, but we needed a real drug to actually treat this condition, which requires vigilance, as it can takes weeks of daily treatment to clear up, even on the most effective medications.

I don't quite get, if your ex has her all week, why you can't simply ask him to take her to a doctor. Isn't that his responsibility, too? If he won't, I'd take it up with your lawyer. Or take next Saturday, most Peds have at least half days on Saturdays. This condition is painful and needs to be treated properly. If her sores get infected, she will NEED antibiotics as well as an eczema cream. Infected skin conditions can take a really long time to clear up and can leave scars.
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