Funny video reviews?

Funny video reviews?

Zombirella Zombirella
Tonight I stumbled onto a few pretty funny video reviews. I just wanted to make a post and see if it gets noticed asking if you have a funny review or know of one to share the link here, I'd love to watch it! There are some pretty humorous people here .
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Kindred Kindred
I made a few that I'd consider funny:

Hand Solo masturbator

Fleshlight Girls Katsuni

Penetration Station (Adult/NSFW)

And one that's not a review, but a funny video I made for the 2011 Easter party.
Beck Beck
I also have a few:

Tuxedo Brief Adult content

Hair Care Trio Adult Content

Noches Latinas Tetas Grandes Adult content

Big Bust Babe
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
ToyTimeTim has a pretty funny one for the Fleshlight Freaks Frankenstein. I re-watched it just last night because it was so magnificently silly.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I would love to see more tongue-in-cheek or funny video reviews. The stand-by has become the single person sitting there talking about a product and turning it on, holding it up against something to hear it vibrate.

Please(!) be original and inventive. If you think it's funny, try it out!

There are a lot of funny people on site too. Owl did one not too long ago with The Cowboy...gotta check it out!
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