George Washington and SEX!!

George Washington and SEX!!

PassionateLover2 PassionateLover2
In your knowledge of American history, how many of you think that George Washington was only cool, calm, reserved, manly, and had complete control in every moment of has actions; that he never smiled nor had any interest in SEX? Well, you would be surprised! In the eighteenth century, marriage was regarded more as a practical arrangement than as a vehicle for love. His future wife lived in a rural mansion near Williamsburg, VA along the Pamunkey River known, prophetically enough, as the White House!

On January 6, 1759, George Washington (age of 26) and Martha Dandridge Curtis (age of 27), dressed in the latest British fashions, were married at her White House residence. With this marriage, Washington was thrusted into the top-drawer Virginia society and among the wealthiest in Virginia. They would eventually reside in his Mount Vernon estate, which was still under remodeling and further expansion. More importantly, the newlyweds were by no means prudish, but were quite amorous.

The couple possessed a copy of Conjugal Lewdness: Or matrimonial Whoredom by Daniel Defoe and The Lover’s Watch: Or the Art of Making Love by Aphra Behn. As these book titles reveal, they were quite interested in the acts of love-making, which we are all striving to discover, learn, and fulfill in our own lives today.

So let me ask you: what is your ‘book’; your ‘guide to love-making’; your ‘Masters & Johnson’s that’s in your drawer or library from which you draw inspiration? Why don’t you share with the community a ‘resource’ that you found to be reliable and the best-of-the-best for yourself and/or you relationship!!! I hope that what Washington revealed, you can reveal too, here and now, for the young and old alike!!! I am sure we can all benefit.

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Chilipepper Chilipepper
The Founding Fathers were actually a rather earthy (and randy) lot. As Ben Franklin once said "Don't worry, the history books will clean it up."

I don't have a go-to book yet. Still learning.
js250 js250
My go-to so far has been the reviews and forums here on EF. There are so many options for toys and ideas.... Maybe after I have every toy I will have to buy a book, hmmm???
VelvetDragon VelvetDragon
Conjugal Lewdness by Defoe was actually a treatise on how evil birth control was. Heh.

I don't have a go-to book, but I've read many. I really like The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, it's not just for lesbians, but has sex information for all women! I also love The Ethical Slut for relationship information (aimed at polyamorous people).

ETA: I looked up "The Lover's Watch" as well because I'd never heard of it, apparently it's a poem telling a lover how to conduct himself when not in the presence of his love. For example, don't sit too close to beautiful women. Full Text Here. Very witty, though not about sex.
PassionateLover2 PassionateLover2
Originally posted by VelvetDragon
Conjugal Lewdness by Defoe was actually a treatise on how evil birth control was. Heh.

I don't have a go-to book, but I've read many. I really like The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, it's not just for lesbians, but has sex information for ...
Thanks for sharing the links. In the official papers of George Washington, it is recorded that at some point after the couples marriage, he (George) drew up a list of 'books' which were inherited from the Daniel Custis Estate making reference to these documents. By definition, a treatise is "a formal, systematic article or book on some subject, as one that gives information about or a discussion of its principles." To the best of my research, these two documents were in a bounded forum giving rise to the reference of a book of some kind.

The fact remains, that George Washingtion had an interest in women. He was tall, handsome, young military hero with room in his heart to attract any woman. He was a great dancer and a giddy man of fashion. Despite his marriage to Martha, it is a fact that he had a long-term relationship with Sally Fairfax. There was probably much saucy banter and teasing pleasantries mixed up with deep affection and flirtation in their relationship. But George's passionate attraction to this woman lends to his feverish imagination. Whatever resourses were available in those times, they must have filled the amorous fantasies of other ardent young men throughout history! Today, we have some resources to draw from too and that was the genesis of my thread here.
VelvetDragon VelvetDragon
Most certainly! Here's a link to Conjungal Lewdness as well, in its entirety. I found it a rather depressing read, to be honest, back when I was reading everything by Defoe. XD
Errant Venture Errant Venture
I'm not in the least surprised that George Washington was interested in sex. People weren't as prudish back then as is often thought (link)

Personally I don't have any book or guide to love-making.
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