Giving up Soda...

Giving up Soda...

LoveYouLikeThat LoveYouLikeThat
I'm making it a personal goal to give up soda. I love soda with a passion, but the caffine isnt good for me, and I am horribly addicted to it.

It's my one vice that I've got.

So last night I went and bought 2 of those brita water bottles, and a pack of extra filters. Cleaned them, prepped them, and put them in the fridge last night. Hubby got me one of those small Simply Lemonades, and I drank a 1/3 (maybe less) this morning, and now its onto the water. Our tap water tastes weird, and the brita things take away the taste! So this should be easy (since i refuse to buy a ton of those packs of water).

Who am I kidding? this will be hard :/
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Envy Envy
I had to do the same thing and yes it can be hard, but you can do it! Just expect to have headaches the first few weeks when you stop.

I have bad panic disorder, so my doc told no more caffeine. It's helped a lot, but i admit sometimes I slip up. However if i have soda, i try to only have ones that don't have caffeine in them.

Try switching to other things, too, like fruit juices and such.
LoveYouLikeThat LoveYouLikeThat
I get people telling me to stick slices of fruit in water but I dont like the fruit flavored waters (Id rather have koolaid), so I'm trying to just stick with water, and regular fruit juice.

I told hubby to grab some excedrine for me on his way home from work tonight so I have it availible..
indiglo indiglo
Good luck with the switch! I had to get off caffeine nearly 2 decades ago. I remember being really foggy-headed and having some headaches the first couple of weeks. But it does get better. You really do adjust, and now if I have caffeine I get really sick.

I used to drink caffeine free soda, but had to get off that mostly a couple years ago because of kidney stones. I drink a lot of the natural lemonade too (good to break up kidney stones), just be aware because it has a TON of sugar in it. Although it doesn't sound like sugar was your reason to get off sodas, so that part probably won't matter.

(I really did squeeze lemon into my tap water when I first started drinking so much water. But it wasn't just like 1 slice, it would be almost a whole lemon. LOL It helped me get used to tap water, and now I don't use it anymore.)
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
I know exactly what you mean about tap water, where I am now it tastes vaguely like pool water (heavy chlorine taste and sort of...sewer like I guess). My mom got one of those bottles too and now we're all thinking of getting one.
I like to add a crystal light packet to a 3 liter bottle of tap water, the Strawberry Orange Banana one my mother got us is fantastic. =)
Though that flavor I would not make in a 2 quart container, it would be way too strong a flavor for my tastes.
Ms. N Ms. N
Good luck! I have tried for years to get off of caffeine, but I have not been able to do it. The best I have been able to do is cut back to two Cokes a day for brief periods of time. I just like it too much. I hope you are able to do better!
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
Good luck with your endeavor! I actually went about a year without soda once. Started by sticking to juice, milk, and water, then stepped down to just water and the occasional milk. Helps that my tap water doesn't taste too bad.

Then I started working and realized I wasn't going to survive those 6 A.M. starts without caffeine. One thing I found out then: soda BURNS when you're not used to it! Though I'd like to lose some weight, so perhaps I should bump it out for juice and water again.
Missmarc Missmarc
All the more power (and discipline) to you! I like lemon in my water, you might try that if you don't like fruit, the lemon brings out the freshness in water and makes it taste better.
A.noel A.noel
Good luck! I have been trying to drink more water lately too.
But it always makes me have to pee constantly when I start drinking alot.
Peaches2000 Peaches2000
Originally posted by LoveYouLikeThat
I'm making it a personal goal to give up soda. I love soda with a passion, but the caffine isnt good for me, and I am horribly addicted to it.

It's my one vice that I've got.

So last night I went and bought 2 of those ...
You can do it! Hang in there!
DustBunny DustBunny
Best of luck to you! I have managed to cut myself down to 1 or less a day. I'm trying to go off slowly and ween myself off it, or I know I'll be right back to it. I have to go off it before surgery, so it's best for me to start now, and it's so hard! I was one of those people who could drink nothing but soda. My boyfriend has been really supportive and we are slowly finishing off the last 12 pack in the fridge. The tap water here is horrid, so I know I need to get a filter of some sort.
meitman meitman
Good luck! You can do it!

I gave up soda a little over a month ago and so far I haven't really missed it much. For me personally, it seems like the longer I stay away from it the less I miss it. It's a little tough at first when you're out with family or friends and they're all ordering soda, but I now kind of like that I pick something healthier. Makes me feel good.

Hope it goes well for you!
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