Had my EF Spa party!

Had my EF Spa party!

MamaDivine MamaDivine
Along with my husbands surprise birthday party, we also had my EF spa party this weekend!

The birthday party was Saturday and thank god for the spa party on sunday, because us ladies realllly needed the recouping! LOL.

Everything went great, even though we had a few munchkins running around the house. Everyone was totally in love with quite a few of the spa products that I had everyone testing out and I even gave all the girls 1 "hot love" massager, a Close2U spa towel and a package of wipes to go home with

We tried foot scrubs, lip scrubs, bath milk (foot tubs) and a few other products. I showed them how the heated massagers worked and passed around some of the wand massagers. A few of the ladies wouldn't keep them going around in the circle and I thought I was going to have to pry them from their hands haha! All in all, It was a blast and went over really well.

One of the tots even wanted to keep getting into her moms foot tub lol. Then, she was getting antsy, so I let her play with the Aphrodite to keep her entertained and she figured out how to put it on her foot! I about died laughing. She was so cute

I really wish that I would have some photos to share with everyone, but I was mostly doing the running around, making sure that everyone had what they needed, passing stuff around and bringing the girls to the sink for washing off the scrubs and what not. So, I forgot to take the photos

I would also love to say a huge thank you to Megan in customer service that made sure that my oopsie orders and back ordered items were delivered to me on time just before (and I do mean JUST before lol) I had to leave for my trip across state for this party . EF rocks!
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Ansley Ansley
That's really awesome, I'm glad to hear that it was success and hopefully we will be seeing them around here.
Antipova Antipova
Dang, what an awesome idea! I would have to *attend* one of these rather than *host* it because I'm so clueless---but that sounds so fun!
Ansley Ansley
Originally posted by Antipova
Dang, what an awesome idea! I would have to *attend* one of these rather than *host* it because I'm so clueless---but that sounds so fun!
I've been to a few different parties like this and it's a ton of fun. Wine, or drink of choice, good friends come together and have a ball being adults for a couple of precious hours out of the day.
BG529 BG529
What is a spa party it sounds like so much fun! i'd so have one!
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