Hilarious responses by children

Hilarious responses by children

Wicked Wahine Wicked Wahine
I saved this one day and just came across it today and it made me laugh again. I don't know if I really believe these types of things are truly genuine, but they are funny nonetheless! Enjoy!

"A 1st grade school teacher had twenty-six students in her class. She presented each child in her classroom the 1st half of a well-known proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. It's hard to believe these were actually done by first graders. Their insight may surprise you. While reading, keep in mind that these are first-graders, 6-year-olds, because the last one is a classic!"

1.Don't change horses...
...until they stop running.

2.Strike while the...
...bug is close.

3.It's always darkest before...
...Daylight Saving Time.

4.Never underestimate the power of...
...termites. --(OMG, how true! -WW)

You can lead a horse to water but...

6.Don't bite the hand that...
...looks dirty.

7.No news is...

8.A miss is as good as a...
...Mr. --(I how this kid thinks! -WW)

9.You can't teach an old dog new...

10.If you lie down with dogs, you'll...
...stink in the morning.

11.Love all, trust...

12.The pen is mightier than the...

13.An idle mind is...
...the best way to relax. --(at least until you're old enough to know about orgasms, lol! -WW)

14.Where there's smoke there's...

15.Happy the bride who...
...gets all the presents.

16.A penny saved is...
...not much.

17.Two's company, three's...
...the Musketeers.

18.Don't put off till tomorrow what...
...you put on to go to bed.

19.Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and...
...you have to blow your nose.

20.There are none so blind as...
...Stevie Wonder.

21.Children should be seen and not...
...spanked or grounded.

22.If at first you don't succeed...
...get new batteries. ---(How fitting for this place, no? Hah! -WW)

23.You get out of something only what you...
...see in the picture on the box.

24.When the blind lead the blind...
...get out of the way.

25.A bird in the hand...
...is going to poop on you. ---(Yup, I had a toad & a bird do this to me! -WW)

And the WINNER and last one!

26.Better late than...
...pregnant. ---(Whoa, some kid is hearing too much, too young! -WW)
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Rossie Rossie
LOL! I'm not surprised by those responses, children nowadays are processing so much more of what they see and hear.
Wicked Wahine Wicked Wahine
Originally posted by Rossie
LOL! I'm not surprised by those responses, children nowadays are processing so much more of what they see and hear.
No kidding! I had some neighbors when I was living in a rental house and the two teenaged girls, both high school aged and a 5 year old girl were sharing a small room. Well, can you believe they talked about stuff in front of the kid? Worse, one night, the younger of the two, let a boy into their bedroom through the window and lost her virginity with the kid in the room!!! How do I know that? Because I would let the child help me in the garden and basically be her mommy (their mom died and they, their brother and very ill father - who then died several months later- were taken in by her bachelor uncle who was unprepared for any of it) and she would tell me things and I'd try to not freak out and explain why such and such was not a good idea and that she shouldn't listen to that.

She mentioned about a boy "putting his thing into" her sister and hurt her. I of course went to the uncle afterwards and said maybe you want to have this kid sleep in another room, duh? Well he said the girl claimed rape and the police had to come and they had to interview the 5 yr old since she was in the room. He also said he didn't believe the victim because she could have called out to get help if she wanted it! I carefully suggested that she might need a counselor and that if she was afraid of getting into trouble for letting him into her room, she might have not thought she could cry out. Who knows what happened, but she was grieving and troubled for sure and being told she wasn't believed couldn't be helpful. God knows what that little girl was exposed to and I have no doubt that she is going to follow the same troubled footsteps as the rest of the kids. They moved a little while after and didn't stay in contact which is too bad because I would have stayed in touch with that little girl to at least give her a chance at some help.

Gee, way to bring a post down, huh?
November November
Whoa, this thread started off as funny and then took an unexpected turn when you started discussing rape.
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