I believe that every one should have a pet.

I believe that every one should have a pet.

travelnurse travelnurse
Over the years we have always had pets. We have had many such as 12 hamsters, hermit crabs, lizards, frogs, dogs and fish. We currently have 1 dog and 1 bearded dragon. When my son returned from military training he stated that he missed the dog so badly and when he does move out he will immediately have a dog. How do you feel about pets?
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Trysexual Trysexual
I love them and have a few dogs myself, but not everyone should (meaning those who abuse animals or can't take proper care of them). In an ideal world maybe, but they aren't for everyone, plus some people have allergies.
Ansley Ansley
I want one so bad, but I'm not ready to go through the "kitten phase" of a cat's life at this moment. I've got wires scattered about and kittens love to chew on wires. And, we don't have anywhere to "hide" the litter box. I don't like seeing cat boxes or smelling them.
spookycutie spookycutie
I love them, I can't imagine my life without them. I think MOST PEOPLE should have pets, but not all.
Kitka Kitka
I love animals, couldn't live without them to be honest but I have to politely disagree with your statement "everyone should have a pet". Some people really don't like animals and other people just abuse them, which pisses me off. So sure, the people who love animals should definitely have some pets, they make life that much better
Ryanne Ryanne
Love animals have 2 cats right now and want to get another dog
Kitten has left the site Kitten has left the site
I have to have a pet, it really helps me since my husband works from 3 in the morning to 5 at night. So having my two cats really helps me with loneliness.
ScarletFox ScarletFox
I have had a dog and currently I have my cat Kira who has been with me for about a year now. She was a stray that someone had found roaming around one of the local college campuses. She was house trained so they thought she was a pet that a student had been keeping in the dorms illegally.

I think pets can work for a lot of people, but its finding that right one. There are always going to be the people who just don't want one.
Sodom and Gomorrah Sodom and Gomorrah
Got to have pets! Love them dearly!
indiglo indiglo
I love my pets, and for me it's a very enriching and rewarding (though sometimes tiring) part of my life. I think most people benefit from having a pet and really trying to see the world through the eyes of another creature. I also think that some people should NEVER have pets. (But, of course some people should NEVER have children either IMO. lol)

It can be a great experience, and increase your compassion if you let it.
Pudyqat Pudyqat
I can't imagine not having pets either. I have had one or more cats all my life -- and a few dogs also! Right now I only have one cat, wish I had more. He is my baby.
KrissyNovacaine KrissyNovacaine
I can't imagine life without pets. I have always had one at least. Right now I have 3 cats, but plan on getting a dog in 6 months to a year.
Beck Beck
I couldn't imagine sitting in my computer chair looking at EF without my kitty.

P'Gell P'Gell
I do love our pets. Right now we have two dogs and a bunny. But, I don't think everyone should have one.

Some people don't have the time, they work long hours and can't give the love and attention a pet needs, or they are not able to due to financial circumstances. I believe pets should be spayed or neutered, that people who have pets should be able to afford appropriate and adequate food for them and should have the resources to get veterinary care for their animals. There is little worse than people who get a bunch of animals and underfeed them, let them breed without reservation and never have the animals health taken care of. That's not pet ownership. That's hoarding. Even if it only happens to a few pets.

Also, some people don't or won't take the responsibility to take the time to train and care for pets. One of my friends has no idea how to keep a dog under control or to train a dog to behave any less than a wild animal. She's "had to" put several animals down, because they were out of control and a few of her animals have died. She also can't seem to have cats, because they piss and crap all over her house and won't use the litter box. People who can't be good leaders of a pack have no business having dogs. People who want a dog to fight or to "look tough" shouldn't have them. People who hurt pets shouldn't have them. People who mess up whatever it is that cats need to simply use a litter box shouldn't have them, either.

My father has allergies and doesn't really care for the company of animals anymore all that much. He has no pets and is better off without them.

People willing to put the time, the money, the veterinary care and the energy into having pets are the people who are doing what they need to do to have pets, also, only people who want them should even think about having them. IMO, that comes out to less than half of the population.
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