If you have a puppy and a kitty: do they love each other or avoid each other? :D

If you have a puppy and a kitty: do they love each other or avoid each other? :D

DreamWolf DreamWolf
W/we've got a lil mutt, an adult lil one, and W/we intend to get a baby kitten, wondering if W/we will be able to manage it to make them get to like each other...

As I know if you couple up two very young lil ones they will be fine, but otherwise... I am not sure...

Any experiences in a case of yours like mine?
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voenne voenne
You're right, when they're younger it is more likely that they will bond! Cats usually tend to be more difficult to bond, but when they are super young they tend to cling to anyone bigger that will play with and protect them! When I was young, we got two new kittens and a new puppy (a huge Great Dane) within a few months of each other and they got along great. They would always nap together, all cuddled up, bathe each other, and the kitties would always come along on walks.

It'll take time, so good luck!
Gone (LD29) Gone (LD29)
We've got a full house with three dogs and a cat. The dogs came first, then the cat.

The oldest dog (male) and the cat (female) don't bother with each other much at all. They get along with each other perfectly fine, but they certainly don't pal around.

The middle dog (female) doesn't pay much mind to the cat. The cat, however, will rub up on this dog up, down, and sideways when she's in heat. It's kind of hilarious to watch. (When the cat is in heat, I mean. The dog is fixed, so she doesn't do that.)

The youngest dog (male) is alternately terrified of the cat (who is much, much smaller than him) or needs to chase the cat through the house at high speeds. We're not sure why she sets him off so much. She never provokes him first, that we've seen.
indiglo indiglo
My dog passed away a couple of months ago, but he and the cat were best friends. My dog had grown up with cats since he was little, and then our cat died - so when we went to the shelter to pick out a new cat we took the dog. We needed a cat that liked dogs. We tried several small, very young kittens (thinking the same, that the young ones would be easier to adapt) - they ALL hissed at him! So just being young doesn't guarantee they'll get along. They had 1 cat in the shelter that liked dogs, and he was 6 months old. (And had been really hard for them to place because he is kind of... a stinker.)

Ever since the dog passed, the cat (now almost 8 1/2 years old) has been miserable! So they can really bond at any age, the age is less important than the individual personality. Just be sure you take your dogs with you, and make sure they all get along, and you'll be fine!

Best wishes!
voenne voenne
Originally posted by indiglo
My dog passed away a couple of months ago, but he and the cat were best friends. My dog had grown up with cats since he was little, and then our cat died - so when we went to the shelter to pick out a new cat we took the dog. We needed a cat that ...
You're right, it all has to do with the individual. But, dynamics are totally different when kittens are adopted or introduced to other animals alone or in groups that they've grown up with, and what environment they are used to. Not sure if by several you meant at one time or on separate occasions, but that's a huge factor also. And 99% of the time it's not automatic that the animals will like each other and takes a certain period of getting used to. I've learned this recently since I've been more involved with cats and rescue groups, and since we've had issues with bonding my current cat with younger kittens. She is very independent and does not need companionship (except for me, because I do things for her. )
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Well when I still had my kitty, the dog got along fine with her.
She was about the sweetest, most affectionate cat I'd ever met though.
They were both about the same size and she would just lay there and relax when he was trying to be playful. I think he got at most three or four nips on the ear the few times he got a bit rough with her. ^_^

I had the cat long before we got the dog but they were best buddies.
Peggi Peggi
COMPLICATED question haha!

Well, we have 3 dogs and 2 cats.

Our orange cat is kinda the boss of the house, so she gets along with the dogs and even lays next to the 2 bigger ones, but if they make her mad she's quick to pop them in the face lol. She doesn't like the little dog, because it is more hyper.

The grey/white cat is scared of dogs, because she was rescued and came from an abusive home where the dogs attacked her a lot and she lived most of her life under a bed hiding from them

The dogs all love the cats, and try to spend time with them when they can. The bigger dog who is 80lbs often tries to get the cats to play LOL
lovekink lovekink
I have a cat and a German Shepherd. They typically get along well but I had my cat for about 6 years before I got my dog. I got my dog when she was 8 weeks old so she was very young. At first she liked to chase the cat and the cat wanted nothing to do with her. Now they are buddies, except when it's time to eat. Then they sit and stare at each other while making the weirdest noises. Most of the chasing has ended because of constant reprimanding and the dog maturing a little bit.

My biggest concern was that the cat was going to claw out my puppy's eyes! Now she knows that the dog isn't going to hurt her so she doesn't claw anymore but it took a few months before I was comfortable with the two of them being alone.
LoveYouLikeThat LoveYouLikeThat
All our doggies were fine with our kitties we'd bring home. I will say kittens brought in the home generally have an easier time adjusting than a older cat.

We didnt have any pets when we adopted our 5 year old cat, and he was fine in the car, but once his paws touched the floor in our house, my god he freaked the heck out. He would hiss and swat if you'd get by him and hide in my son's closet. Took him a good week and a half to come out from hiding and grace us with his presence. He's the best animal we've got, and a total sweetie. I consider him one of the kids .

Just have a get together outside of the home with the kitten and your pup to see how the pup reacts. I hope things go well!
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