If you were buying a new cellphone, what kind would you buy?

If you were buying a new cellphone, what kind would you buy?

Cinnyree Cinnyree
right now I have the huawei ascend II. I would not recommend it to anyone. My bf and his family all have the original version so when I made the switch to smart phone that seemed to make sense but it's kinda crappy.
Since I have no job and my bf doesn't make that much money we both go straight talk so we have unlimited talk, text, and data for $45 a month.
If I had money I would absolutely have an Iphone. My son has his grandmother's (because she switched to straight talk so it no longer functions as a phone) and I love it. I am so jealous!!!!!!!!
peppermintgal peppermintgal
When I upgraded a few months ago I was torn between the Iphone and the Samsung Galaxy S3. Went with the Galaxy. Very happy with it.
Eugler Eugler
Because of my lifestyle I would choose the caterpillar phones. They are usually designed for building workers. That's the way they look... but they are indestructable and water proof.

You may jump drunk into a pool and no problem, drop the phone, who cares?

Theese mainstream smartphones are incredibly touchy, I met so many guys who broke their screens.

Caterpillar!!! FTW
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by Sincerely yours, N
Exactly. I was tempted to get the Note 2, but then the S4 blew me away by doing things that the Note couldn't! I'm so happy that I took a leap of faith and made the switch. It's really the best phone on the market right now.
What does the S4 do better? Just curious. I was just angered to find out that the new Samsung MEGA is a much less powerful and capable phone then the Note 2. What is the point then, Samsung?
stacylyn12 stacylyn12
Originally posted by Kitka
My Android, a Samsung Transform Ultra, has a slide out keyboard and it works out pretty well for texting, etc. If you can get a Boost Mobile plan, assuming you'll get reception with it where you are, go for the Unlimited everything package. I pay ...
I agree
Trixxxy Trixxxy
I really want the S4. I saw a commercial for it and that shits waterproof!
Woman China Woman China
I wait until my phone is too glitchy and either breaks or is just no longer useable before buying a new one. My current phone is a nokia e72i (a China model), and I love it. It has great picture taking ability (only it is too slow for my liking- but meh. What do you expect from like 2009 technology?), I can get my music quite nicely, texting is easy as is talking. And that, is pretty much all I use my phone for. I don't play games, I don't surf the internet on it.

I have started looking at new phones, and regularly swipe my students phones and toy around with them trying to see what is good. I am tempted to buy a Chinese brand next month just for shits and giggles to see what it is like full time.

The biggest selling feature at the moment for me, is how it will fit into my pocket. And if it does, is it comfortable? Some of these phones are massive!!! Makes me wonder back in the mid-2000's when "small" was all the rage and Zoolander made fun of it. Now? Bigger is better?
sillylilkitten sillylilkitten
I've only upgraded my phone twice since I got my first one back when I was 13. I'd get some sort of smart phone, because I still don't have one, just a basic phone. But at least I don't have a flip phone anymore, haha
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