BabyL0ve BabyL0ve
Have any of you guys ever done a perm? If so, was it worth it? I love the wavy look on long hair for female, but I have super straight hair. Perms don't last for a long time, and you have to keep perming it in order to maintains the waves.

Is it better to have it perm or just use a curling iron.
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Jul!a Jul!a
A perm in theory does last but the hair grows out and that hair doesn't have the perm obviously. I've gotten a perm once and I loved that way that it looked but the girl who did it didn't use a fantastic product and because of the way my hair had been colored in the past that particular perming product reacted with it and my hair got all melty when it was wet. If you can get the perm done right and you take care of your hair properly it's not that bad for your hair. Realistically using a curling iron can damage your hair just as much as a perm if you're not taking care of your hair lol.
Ansley Ansley
Long, fine or thick straight hair does not hold curl. Colored or processed hair does not hold curls. It's best to use a curling iron on a medium heat and you start from the top of the head and curl downward for maximum effect. All manner of mousse and styling gels are helpful. That's just the reality of it. The models and actresses you see with long, thick amazing curls have spent two hours in the chair with someone fussing and re-fussing over them. I've tried for years to do it in home with either perms, curlers, curling irons---you name it and I've done it, but it wasn't until a friend in cosmotology school found out what I was trying to do that I learned all of this.

She told me to find the thickest curling iron that was gold and use that. They're super expensive, but so worth it.
P'Gell P'Gell
I've never had one. I have curly hair and have spent most of my life trying to straighten it.
Starkiller87 Starkiller87
I had/have curly hair depending on where I live naturally. But a lot of the time its just a wavy puffy mess, so I got a perm a few years ago. And it kept my hair in nice curls for about a year. But my hair is so thick, no one ever wants to do or cut my hair more than once. I always go to salons and they are like no no its not a problem we can cut it. Than they cut it or whatever to it and go, it looks like we shaved a bear. Than they say I dont think I could ever do this again I didnt realize how thick your hair was, you might need to find someone who specializes in it. Thus me only getting my hair permed once. I get the oh wow you have some really thick hair reaction from EVERYONE, even my aunt whos a hair stylist was like uh....

Point being, my sister has straight hair and the perm didnt even hold a few days. I have semi wavy curly hair and a perm lasted a year for me.
indiglo indiglo
I have naturally curly hair, so I don't need a perm. However, that being said, when I was in middle school I did get perms in my hair. Not a good look!! The thing with perms is that I've never seen one that made the hair end up looking like naturally curly hair. I used to fight my curls, but now I encourage them.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
perms are probably one of the worst things you could do to your hair. it would be better to get a good curling iron (chi is pretty good)and some good curling products. with that being said, i don't really like curling my hair since it's pretty wavy. if i want it to curl, i sleep with it wet and tada! it's curly and crazy in the morning
froggiemoma froggiemoma
My hair is super thick , I tried one time but it didn't hold well.
Rossie Rossie
I don't do perms anymore, it makes me look ten years older, and I'm old enough without one!
Coralbell Coralbell
I got a perm once a few years ago. It was more of a wave then a curl. I don't like my natural hair texture. It's in between straight and wavy and I always either straighten or curl it when I'm going out. Having a perm was nice because it was very low maintenance for me. I just towel dried my hair, scrunched in some mousse, and usually let it air dry but sometimes blow dried it with a diffuser. I didn't find it to be any more damaging than dying my hair is. It lasted for almost a year. Since it wasn't tight curls it looked fine when it grew out, since lots of times natural wavy hair is straight or almost straight at the roots.
Peggi Peggi
Originally posted by P'Gell
I've never had one. I have curly hair and have spent most of my life trying to straighten it.
There are perms to straighten your hair
wetone123 wetone123
I have fine, straight hair and have gotten a few perms in my lifetime because I would like to have curl and body in my hair. They don't last very long on me and cost a fortune at the salon. I find its better for me to use hot rollers.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I'm not really a big fan of perms. I'm sure there are ways to make it look good on a person, but I've yet to see one.

As Rossie said, most of the time the person looks ten years older. It's kind of a dated look, in my opinion.
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