Pranks YOU have pulled on someone????

Pranks YOU have pulled on someone????

MamaDivine MamaDivine
With April Fools day right around the corner......I have to ask:

What is the funniest/Craziest or meanest prank that you have ever pulled on someone?

How did it turn out?


What is the funniest/craziest or meanest prank that someone has pulled on YOU?
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KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
I think the best one (not for originality, mind you) was the prank I pulled on my mom last April Fools day...
we share a room and so I rigged up a trip wire that dumped a whole cup of glitter on her as she triggered it.
=^.^= I wound up having to vacuum the floor after but it was worth looked like a scene straight out of Labyrinth.

The only real prank of sorts I had pulled on me was my mother buying a bunch of Hannah Montana party supplies like cups, plates, and napkins and telling me she had picked out a matching cake for my birthday...I wasn't even a little upset (even though I despise Hannah Montana) but I was rather pleasantly surprised when she brought home a Kung Fu Panda cake instead. xD
Swish Swish
i have always been horrible at pranks, i always get found out, its not really a prank but i have plans on setting up a fake crime scene, soon, take a traffic cone, some caution tape and chalk trace someone on the sidewalk with blood splatter and little paper cards with numbers
Kissy Kissy
Saran wrap in-between the toilet seat cover and the toilet. Pulled tightly... I haven't done it, my hubby has to his brother. Ick!!!
Gary Gary
My favorite prank (which I think I may have shared a on here before) is from way back, right after I got out of high school.

I duct taped an open box of cereal to a ceiling fan blade in my friends apartment. That night when he got home it was dark. He walked in, flipped the light switch that turned the on ceiling light and fan (on high of course), and cereal sprayed the room. The next time i was over, there was still an empty box taped to the fan blade.
Voir Voir
Uhh the meanest was I was at a boyfriend's house, his name was Nick. Well... he was more of 'booty call' for me >_> than a legit, involved relationship... but anyway. This guy was really easy to mess with, he was VERY melodramatic and clingy etc.

Me? I'm rather sarcastic, assholish, aloof and loove love love to mess with people. We also had a good friend names Shawn and he also loved to mess with people. When the two of us were in a room, especially if any sort of substance was involved, it was best to have mediators nearby or someone would end up pranked like hell.

Anyway, it's just the three of us and we're chilling and Nick goes to the kitchen and Shawn and I are chatting, he's recounting a story of his highschool days where someone had their face laid open with a blade (from edge of lip up the side of the face) and this was some form of gang initiation. He's also messing around with his knife, it's what started this conversation. So I get this random idea, and grin really big and tell him to give me his knife. At first he doesn't look too fond of the idea but when I tell him "i'm going to mess with Nick" he hands it over with a grin.

I don't weigh much and I walk pretty lightly so it was nothing to slink into the kitchen and right up behind Nick. You know, when people stand so close behind you, you can feel them there but they aren't quite touching you? I did this, he's washing dishes and I lightly skimmed the blunt side of the blade across his with just enough pressure that the tip slid against his skin.

He froze up, dropped the plate, gasped really deep, paled and almost pissed himself. Shawn and I DIED laughing because this dude almost shat himself because of what I did. So I asked him if he REALLY thought I'd do something like that and he just looked at me, that uncertain not quite trusting look and I would've been offended if it weren't so funny >_>

He was the blunt of everyone's joke though because it was EASY to mess with him, I just happened to scare the hell out of him :3 it was a bit mean but funny nonetheless.
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