Question for those of you who go DANCING together. Did you take formal classes and if so, how did you pick a good instructor?

Question for those of you who go DANCING together. Did you take formal classes and if so, how did you pick a good instructor?

Bignuf Bignuf
For those who enjoy dancing, have you taken FORMAL dance lessons (paid instruction from a dance teacher)? We are getting ready for our daughters wedding next year and want to look good on the dance floor. We are taking Waltz, Swing, Line Dance, Tango, Fox Trot lessons..twice a week. We have been to a couple different schools/classes. Cannot seem to find the "right" one for us, yet.

Anyone have any advice on if formal classes are worth it (verses trying to self teach watching Youtube, etc, or if so, what YOU looked for in a good dance teacher?

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Love to dance, never taken classes
Beck , padmeamidala , Do emu , Kitka , BG529
Love to dance, HAVE taken classes, this is what I looked for in an instructor...
dv8 , Ivy Wilde
Other advice?
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Ivy Wilde Ivy Wilde
Finding a good instructor is definitely worth it, but it can be difficult to find a good one.

In order to pick an instructor, I called around and asked lots of questions. If the person was friendly and helpful, then I made arrangements to come and watch a class. I looked for someone who was patient with beginners, who explained things clearly. If the person didn't understand the first way that the instructor explained things, the instructor could explain things in new and different ways rather than just repeating what he had already said.

I also asked questions of the students after the class. How long had they been taking lessons? Did they enjoy their lessons? Did they feel like they were making progress? Did they plan to continue taking classes? etc...

Basically look for an instructor that you feel comfortable with, who makes classes fun and who can explain things in a variety of different ways.

My husband and I lucked out and found a great instructor to help us choreograph our first waltz. I was a very experienced dancer and my husband was an absolute beginner, and he was fantastic with both of us. We kept taking lessons even after our wedding.

Good luck finding someone who works for you.
dv8 dv8
I took dance classes in college so I couldn't choose my instructors. If you have a sense of rhythm and you're simply trying to learn the basics of a dance style, you can get away with Youtube and instructional books and videos. A good instructor should be able to criticize and improve your technique and teach you variations of a dance. Keep in mind that, for a social event, dances like the waltz or fox trot work better in their traditional forms; in contrast, dances in competitions often don't look like their traditional forms at all.
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