Touchy question. Do you know anyone who is here "undocumented"? Do they worry about getting deported, or just go about their business?

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
We just had a large yard crew talking openly about "how they came here", every single one, illegally. They were not shy about speaking about it openly in front of us and our neighbors, and they came from like six different countries (they must have just started working as a "crew", since they didn't really know each other, or were "day labor"). I got no sense of stress or worry about any of this.

What has been your experience?
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Contributor: Woman China Woman China
I don't know where your 'here' is, but I know a few foreigners who are here illegally. They just go about their day and work illegally and not too worried. China doesn't really punish those who overstay their visas. If I know that a foreigner is here illegally, I try to stay away from them as in China you are guilty by association. So I am always careful about who I befriend.

My sister lived in America and where she works they employ many illegal workers. She jut shrugs it off, and the workers are happy.

My other sister in England, she knows a few foreigners who live and work there illegally, and don't really care.
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