Have you seen this video? Pleas ignore the other one. I forgot to make voting private. :)

Have you seen this video? Pleas ignore the other one. I forgot to make voting private. :)

BobbiJay BobbiJay
I was personally agree with what this father did. He told his child he was going to do something if her behavior continued and he followed through with it. I have noticed that some parents don't follow through with their "threats", this leads the children to keep pushinng boundaries. This father showed that he was not going to be pushed around anymore. What do you think?

Please keep it civil guys. I know this could potentially be very controversial. Please explain your reasoning.

Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
I agree with what he did.
5  (45%)
I kinda agree with what he did.
3  (27%)
I disagree with what he did
3  (27%)
Other (of course)
Total votes: 11
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BobbiJay BobbiJay
Please ignore my other post I wanted the voting to be private.
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
I'm sure glad he's not my father. But if she went public, then why shouldn't he? Just goes to show whatever you post on the internet is not private. He's in the tech industry, of course he was going to find it. Ultimately this just teaches people to shoot things you can't manage.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
My father's advice to me as young parent was to never threaten your child. Just state the consequences - and follow through. If you're not willing to deliver the punishment - never say it. They must know you mean what you say.
Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
I was going to write something but one of my favourite bloggers already did it - better than I could. Just read it.
indiglo indiglo
They sure don't have very good communication. I expect poor communication from a 15 year old, but a grown man (who is also a father) should be better at communicating effectively. Berating and humiliating a child's feelings (in public no less) is not going to accomplish anything good. I feel bad for the girl, and any siblings she may have.

Of course children need to have consequences to their actions, and of course they need to know exactly what they are... but this video is not productive. Nothing good will come of him giving free reign to his anger against his child. Yikes, that is one angry man!

If he just wanted her to lose her computer privileges, he could have easily done that. But by shooting it repeatedly with hollow point bullets he's just being a bully and trying to scare her. I'm really saddened by that video.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
Wow, that dad sure deserves father of the year award. NOT.

Seriously, what kind of adult makes a video like that, and THEN posts it on his daughter's Facebook? What was he trying to prove? That instead of sitting down with his child, telling her why he was mad, and then creating a sane solution, he posts some FUCKED UP video venting his feelings and then shooting his daughter's laptop?

What I learned about this man is that he lacks the balls to talk to his own kid and that he needs to "prove" himself to his daughter's peers. Wow, what a man. He also has to use physical violence to express himself, which shows that he's probably limited with his own intelligence and lacks self control.

And his daughter has to pay him back for his time and money? After he couldn't control his own anger and destroyed the computer himself? Really? I didn't see her do anything, all I saw was him shooting a computer, not his kid.

She's a fifteen year old. Please. They have as much common sense as a dog, and they don't think about consequences like adults do because their brains are still developing. I feel bad for this girl; she should be taken out of this clearly abusive household. Who knows if the father will harm her to "make a point."

So yeah, I think this guy should lose his kid and his right to own/ shoot guns. I don't think what he did was appropriate AT ALL.
BobbiJay BobbiJay
Here is what he and his daughter have to say inn the aftermath of this viral video.

Gary Gary
I voted that I kind of Agree.

I have to say, no one was hurt and no one was almost hurt here. So there is no legal ground for anyone to intervene with this guys parental rights. Granted, I personally would have handled the entire situation 100% differently, but that is his right.

What does stand out to me is - this dude is making an attempt in his own way to instill the values he believes that his kid should learn (which is really what all parents strive to do).

I live in the city, and everyday I see kids running wild, and sometimes committing heinous crimes not even a block away from my door. I can't help but think if there was someone in their lives who gave a shit this much... things could be different.

On the other hand, I believe the level of excess and wastefulness teaches a bad lesson. I do realize he was being overly dramatic to prove a point, but in my opinion ruining a laptop helps no one.

Traditionally, most parents have a hard time communicating with their kids. I do feel that doing the wrong thing, for the right reason, is much better than not doing anything.
Research Research
I feel the dad did well. He explained what would happen if she kept acting up and he followed through with those consequences. He didn't beat her, he didn't metaphorically shoot her in the head, he did not do anything hurtful or hateful to women. He told her she would lose the computer if she kept acting disrespectful and he followed through with that. I don't feel the girl is so emotionally damaged that she will commit suicide, commit a gun related crime, or become a stripper. This was a chance for her to understand the consequences of her actions and improve herself for the future. The dad just got creative with it. This will be a fun story years from now.
Errant Venture Errant Venture
I agree with Gary and Research (although I do disagree with Gary. I was hurt by that blog's reference to his limited speech abilities. I have a stutter, much like that man has, and I felt that that was extremely rude, to take something like that and hold it against him), and I have to say that that video wasn't misogynistic. He was pissed off with his daughter, but was respectful to her mother and the 'cleaning lady'. Being annoyed with one woman does not equate to hating all women.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
I not going to mince word I'm disgusted by the amount of people who agree with using a deadly weapon in a public display of violent force (that what shooting any thing and then posting it on the web is), as a parenting technique. A gun is a weapon, it is symbol of power. The video did not demonstrate his authority as a parent it demonstrated his ability to use violent force, that he as a parent can case violent destruction (the purposely picked hollow points, it adds nothing but more look at me look how much macho destructive power I have).

If a man in a fit of anger punch a hole in the wall of his own home, we say at best he has anger management issues, if he then said that hole in the wall is lesson to his children we would call him an abuser. If he then obligated his children to flick the hole he punched in the way in anger, you telling me he is teaching them a valuable lesson? If he also post that on Facebook so everyone could see would we be parsing dad for demonstrating the consequence of misbehavior? This type of behavior is a classic red flag for a potential abuser, doesn't matter that it was his laptop, it doesn't matter it was his daughter, it doesn't matter that he warned her it "would be worse next time". The man need a fucking anger management course not enabling.

It these types of threads that make me question my belief in second amendment rights no one in this thread has seems to get that shooting a laptop is as much an an act of violence as the classic putting a fist thorough a wall. I doubt any one would defend punching holes in the wall as "doing well" because we as a society have rightly associated that with violence and abuse. We know what the message behind a fist through a wall is, a hollow point thorough a laptop however carries a different message?

A gun is a weapon it to be respected it is to used for sport, for hunting, for self-defense it is never to be used as a tool to demonstrate parental authority, ever.
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