What is YOUR definition of Eden?

What is YOUR definition of Eden?

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Ok so I was looking up the Eden Wipes and I typed "Eden" into the search engine and hit enter by mistake. I got the usual toys, products with "Eden" in the title and a DVD called "Ass Worship3".
I have a weird sense of humor but this struck me as HILARIOUS! It would seem that here at EdenFantasys we take our anal play to the ULTIMATE level.

Being a general all around goof off I decided to type in a few more words. Ok so it earns me points, but it's fun and I'm sharing the results here with you, the inquisitive public!

We've already discussed what happens if we type in our own screen names...but some random words:

"Eden" also gets you: mineral beauty bronzer, Ultra skin cock, and UR3 raging dong!

"Heaven" gets you: a DVD "How to marry a Millionaire", Lucid Dream #12 (must be an amazing toy!), a ceramic wand, a silicone dildo called "The one" (I just bet it is!), and some balm. Also the lucid petite dream #16!

"Hell" gets you: The Vitality vibe! also the Mini Miracle Massager...and for a laugh a DVD called "Bad Wives"

"Moderator" gets you nothing but "Forum Moderator" gets you "Penthouse, Naughty By Nature"! If that's not funny I dunno what is!

So if you dare, play along and let us know what strange and wonderful search features you find!

*Airen ducks the flying cherry dong and runs away giggling madly.
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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
So many words to search...so little time!
Woman China Woman China
Tee hee hee... I love this!!!

China= 1 Night in China a porn
js250 js250
Truck got me a Mr. Softee.

Tire gave me a nice list--included was 'Rubber Sex', 'Lil pony' and 'Wet four in one'.
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