Whats the meanest thing someone's ever said to you?

Whats the meanest thing someone's ever said to you?

xcapricax xcapricax
Whats the meanist thing someones every said to or about you? Mine I think was a man in line at harris teeter he called me a nigger fucking food stamp card druggy..All bc my debit card wouldnt slide so the lady had to type the numbers in and he had to wait a min longer then usual.
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dv8 dv8
"I don't love you anymore."
MrWill MrWill
There were things that were meant to be meaner, but the worst I've ever felt after someone said something was "You would be really cute if you weren't so fat"
js250 js250
More people liked you when you were normal--before you got hit in the head.
misterazor misterazor
Originally posted by xcapricax
Whats the meanist thing someones every said to or about you? Mine I think was a man in line at harris teeter he called me a nigger fucking food stamp card druggy..All bc my debit card wouldnt slide so the lady had to type the numbers in and he had to ...
that's pretty crazy! wow.

my mother told me she felt sorry for my girlfriend back when i was drinking too much. you don't forget when someone you really love says something like that. but, i think it needed to be said.

things strangers say don't really matter. i mean, so many people are assholes. can't be giving these people power over my emotional well-being.
WhoopieDoo WhoopieDoo
Strangers and acquaintances don't bother me, which is good because strangers (and acquaintances) talk shit about me ALL THE TIME.

The worst I've ever felt about something said to me was when I was about 17. In addition to being torn up about being in love with one of my friends, I was grappling with accepting that my views of myself (and scientific fact) were incompatible with the religion in which I was raised....basically, I became an atheist and was hiding it from my family. I felt like I had betrayed my family and like I'd lost a part of my life (not god - the social system that a church family is) and I felt disconnected from a HUGE part of my childhood.

After months of deep depression and crying literally every night in that time period, I had a breakdown after church one night and my mother asked me what was wrong. I gathered my courage and told her that I was very depressed. Without even asking what was wrong, she basically told me that everyone gets sad and I needed to get over it....

Extremely hurt. Thanks, mom.

Six years later, my family still doesn't know I'm not Christian T_T
JennSenn JennSenn
I guess what made me feel the worst was my first year in college a lot of my textbooks were stolen right before finals and my father said something along the lines of "now you'll definitely fail" or something trying to motivate me with reverse psychology or something? It did not work.

I was once called the n-word in high school and I am super white. It didn't make me feel bad but it did confuse the hell out of me. But it was definitely supposed to be mean, so I guess it's the harshest language that's been used against me.
sillylilkitten sillylilkitten
"I had to take a shower and scrub myself after we fucked because I couldn't stand the smell."
Said by my ex, "just being honest." I'm still dealing with all the abusive things he told me that wrecked my self esteem.
Living Doll Living Doll
I thought about this for a while and had trouble settling on one particular thing because there's just so many to pick from. My parents abused me horribly, especially my dad, but I think the most twisted thing anyone has ever said to me actually came from my mom. I was really little and she was a belligerent alcoholic at the time. I was hiding from her in my dad's bedroom (he was awful too, but slightly preferable to her when she was drunk). I came out to use the bathroom and I tried to get past her as quickly as possible because she'd spew abuse as long as I was in sight, but apparently I wasn't fast enough, because as I was heading back to the bedroom, she accused me of having an incestuous relationship with my dad, saying in the most disgusted tone, "are you going to bed with him AGAIN?"

And she wonders why our relationship is all jacked up.
doowop doowop
There was this guy in my high school who was absolutely relentless. Always making fun of my head. Such a juvenile sense of humor, really. My head isn't even that big! But now I find out it's caused from hydrocephalus and my skull swelled during development because of the added pressure and fluid. I have a very minimal case of it, and it just made me even more peeved that he picked on me for something I really couldn't help, that was caused by a medical condition. His bullying caused a lot of body issues for me cuz I still worry that I look different, even though the Doctors say my head is normal. I used to cry every night over it cuz I have an uncle (who we now know has hydro too) with a big head and I thought I looked like a big-headed man. :/

Another harsh one - during an argument with my ex, she called me a "crater face". I can't remember most of the insults she threw at me (most were far worse), but that one will forever stick with me. She was a very ugly person though and was incredibly judgmental and downright mean to everyone. I felt like a parent schooling their child who points at people who are "different", teaching the child not to point or judge.

People never forget how you've made them feel.

Oh well. I say this from an extremely body positive standpoint, but they're both morbidly obese now. I've loved and dated obese people before so no judgement here, but I am smiling that these two extremely superficial and judgmental people are now having to experience the judgement they once passed on others. It is a sad world we live in that those prejudices exist, don't get me wrong. But I hope they both will think twice before ridiculing another person now that they've lived through being "different".
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