why so high???

why so high???

mandaj mandaj
OK so I have been looking thru some of the pages for.
a new vibrators. and I see some for $200 or over. $100
me....I would never never pay tht much foe a sex toy.
I mean I am sure it does the same thing as the $40 toy?
can any of u drop tht much on a sex toy? ?!!
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potstickers potstickers
Most of the time, cheaply priced sex toys are also made of cheap, toxic materials.
indiglo indiglo
The motors in some of the cheaper sex toys are a lot weaker and burn out a lot faster too. So a more expensive toy will often be made of a better material, have a more powerful motor, and the motor will last longer.

It's all up to you though really. That's why EF has such a wide variety of toys!
- Kira - - Kira -
I actually rarely spend less than $70 for a toy. I look for high quality materials, a long lasting motor, high power, rechargeable batteries, waterproof, etc. Most of those things will only come together in a package that costs a good bit of money. I have a few cheaper toys that I like, but all of my great ones cost more. Generally, you pay for high quality.

Like indiglo said, it's up to you! EF has a variety of things in many price ranges. There are toys for $10 and toys for hundreds of dollars. There are people on here that can give you recommendations at any price range.
Nothere Nothere
Originally posted by - Kira -
I actually rarely spend less than $70 for a toy. I look for high quality materials, a long lasting motor, high power, rechargeable batteries, waterproof, etc. Most of those things will only come together in a package that costs a good bit of money. ...
What she said! And the other posters said. The big thing is quality. There are some great toys for around 50 dollars (Evolved is awesome), but cheaper toys tend to have cheaper construction and not so safe materials. Sometimes I don't understand why a toy costs 100+ dollars, but I know my Gigi was worth it. So was my Pure Wand. High High quality!
js250 js250
After using a couple high end toys, the quality and manufacturing is so much higher and safer that the low end toys are the ones actually, that are overpriced. Buy 4-6 $40.00 low end vibes and you could have one high end vibe that still works!
Rossie Rossie
You might think that way now, but once you ventured into the higher end toy area, you'll be wondering why you didn't try the high end toys sooner. You PAY for what you GET.
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
In general I have found that higher priced toys are made of safer materials, have rechargeable batteries, are often waterproof, and tend to last longer. I think of them as an investment.
eeep eeep
The two biggest differences I have noticed in my cheaper toys vs. my pricier ones (I only have 2 at around the $100 mark), is material quality and how long they last. Most of my cheaper toys end up breaking down on me within a year, sometimes 2. The pricier ones have not shown any wear yet, and you can tell it is made sturdier and the material just feels and looks nicer.
Chirple Chirple
I prefer rechargeable toys, and I'm willing to pay more not to have to deal with taking batteries in and out.

That said, now that I have a few rechargeable toys that are wonderful and reliable, I've been exploring the cheaper battery-powered toys that I overlooked at first.

I've had a $25 winner and I'm sure I'll find more !

I don't think I'd be comfortable doing that without the security of the quality toys, though. They won't let me down, so it's not a big deal if a cheap "just for fun" experiment does. But I think it would have been so frustrating to go through those gambles without anything reliable.
Shellz31 Shellz31
You definitely can't compare a vibrator worth $100+ with a cheap $40 thing. I stand by the higher priced vibrators and won't touch the cheap stuff now - it can't compete in my opinion!
Missmarc Missmarc
To be honest, one of my favorite toys is still a 13 dollars vibrator from California Exotics. In my experience, I've encountered good and bad from cheap and expensive categories. I have quite a few vibrators between the 100-200 range. I like them. I bought them because I can, not because I needed them to orgasm. I can achieve orgasm with all of them. But they were not in anyway superior than my cheap vibe other than them being rechargeable.

A vibrator is really just a motor with a shell. Honestly that 13 dollars vibrator lasted me about 2 years with almost daily use. I don't use any of my high end vibrators nearly as often. I like good rechargeable batteries for exactly that reason I can enjoy cheap vibrators without throwing out bunch of batteries all the time.

I think price is only one factor in finding a vibrator. When shopping for a vibrator, I generally look for the shape and the type of vibration. It's more important to know your body and what it enjoys

I want to mention that you can get the Hitachi magic wand for under 40 dollars with a good deal going around
TheSlyFox TheSlyFox
I would agree that with the higher priced toys you are getting what you're paying for. Though i have significantly more cheaper toys then expensive ones, the expensive ones are better.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I like the higher priced ones because the quality and feel is so much better. I haven't found anything as soft as Je Joue's silicone. I don't discriminate against cheaper toys and will try any that I see that I'd like for manufacture or Eden sponsored assignments, and the ones in my monthly price range, but when I'm doing a buyout or using the special discounts EF offers I'm going to get higher priced toys every time. I'd rather have 1 higher priced toy that does its job than 20 that don't.
T&A1987 T&A1987
when i saw the title, i thought this would be about drugs
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