Hello All!

Hello All!

gingernicole gingernicole
I'm fairly new. I've been ordering from the site and poking around for some time, but I've only just recently become more active in the community. I even wrote my first review the other day.

Does anyone know if the conversion rate for the points ever changes?

Does anyone have any tips for me?

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Jul!a Jul!a
The conversion rate for the points hasn't changed yet, but can change in the future.

As for tips, you could look into the mentor program. A mentor can help you write reviews, or you can just chat back and forth with one about things on the site and they can help answer any questions you might have.

You should most definitely check out Kindred's Tips I wish I knew about EF sooner. A whole bunch of us have added to that thread since it's been started, and it's a good place to ask questions too.

JR has also done a bunch of workshops on the review program. They have a whole lot of information about the review program in general, and are another good place to ask questions.

Otherwise, I suggest that you hang out, have fun, and don't be afraid to ask something if you're not sure, but if you're going to ask on the forums, search really well to make sure you aren't starting a duplicate thread.
Dawn (Lilac Distraction) Dawn (Lilac Distraction)

The members here are really supportive and can answer any questions you have. I'd suggest the mentor program, as well. It really helped me out!
Eucaly Eucaly
Welcome! Just poking around on the forum is a good start.
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