Did you care about Clinton's infamous sexual act?

Did you care about Clinton's infamous sexual act?

Girly Girl Girly Girl
i think that is his personal life and it doesn´t matter on what he do as a president
chicken12 chicken12
Do I think the government really had to get involved? No.

But I don't think he should have lied about it and I don't think he should have done in the first place. He cheated on his wife.

I still have a positive view of him, though. If Hilary found reason to stay with him, there must be some good in him.
CreamySweet CreamySweet
Originally posted by callsignhusker
Been wanting to do a poll on this!
That he got a blow job? Hell no! Good for him. That he lied about it and then confessed with a political spin? Yes. That part pissed me off. If your going to do it great. If your going to lie thats great too. But stick with the story. Either admit it or deny it from the start. Being wishy-washy makes you look weak to other world leaders. They dont give a shit about getting blown or that you lie but that you show weakness. For a Dem. Pres. He did sign and authorize extraordinary renditions into law and gave it presedential authority to allow the involuntary relocation of folks in other countries for the purpose of having focused discussions with them about stuff they might know while teaching them to swim on a backboard which is a total plus for me. His wife also rocks because as head of state she has seen to business in that area as well. Bj's yes... lies yes... wishy washy on the story gets a no... renditions getsa double yes yes.
eeep eeep
I thought what he did to his wife and family was crappy, but it happens all the time. I don't think it made him a bad president in any way, but the way the press blew it up was pretty disappointing to have to see all the time.
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
I want Clinton to be president again. If you haven't read his spread in NewsWeek you need to.
tlaskowski tlaskowski
didnt like him before and still dont like him! lol what he did was between him and his wife no one else!
MR Chickhabit MR Chickhabit
im sure he had more important matters around him than who was polishing off his knob
dhig dhig
it was interesting to follow, but it didn't change my opinion of him
Originally posted by liilii080
The act itself was mostly tabloid fodder but I think it's a shame he couldn't keep his pants zipped. He was married and he cheated and to me that was the problem.
I completely agree. I really don't care about politics but I think it was really bad that he did that to his wife. Cheating is not okay for anyone and the fact that he was already in the public eye made it even worse.
Entropy Entropy
Originally posted by callsignhusker
Been wanting to do a poll on this!
It would have been refreshing to get an honest, full confession instead of the dance-around. It didn't change the way I vote, but I do have less respect for him as a person. I don't like being lied to.
Kendrir Kendrir
I didn't have that high of an opinion of him during my High school / early college years anyway, so.. yeah
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by callsignhusker
Been wanting to do a poll on this!
We are odd. We think Character matters in a leader. We understand they are human and that "ultimate power" often leads to "ultimate corruption", but it was cheating on his wife and child. It was disgracing the office (literally and figuratively). It was taking advantage of a major subordinate worker and a young one at that. He lied openly and with a wagging finger in all our faces.

Bottom line....we lost ALL respect for that man. Still makes me cringe to see him, knowing he lacks ANY moral compass.

As a "leader" he was fine in the JOB. As a man...forget it.
JE011 JE011
Originally posted by Gunsmoke
Why are we talking about this more than 10 years after the fact?

Sexual peccadilloes are not the issue. Perjury is the reason he was disbarred.
Great point
geliebt geliebt
Shitty that he lied, but I couldn't care one bit less. Sexual acts between consenting adults (cheating on your spouse or not) just aren't something that I give a damn about!
ellejay ellejay
It didn't change my opinion of him. Personal life is personal and all that.
PDXlady PDXlady
Well I was super young at the time but once I really understood what happened and was able to really think about it as an adult I didn't care. A persons sexual life and marriage is their own personal business.
samanthalynn samanthalynn
i didnt care
hybridinsurge hybridinsurge
I was more annoyed that he perjured himself than the actual sex act. I also felt it was unprofessional for him to get a blow job in the Oval Office. Do that stuff on your own time, in your private space.
Roz W Roz W
Meh. Proof positive the Right has too much power!
ksparkles16 ksparkles16
No, we all make mistakes. His personal life has nothing to do with how he runs the country.
Faeya Faeya
It was inconsequential to worry about then, and it's still inconsequential now.
I was young and didn't really know much about it at the time.
BlooJay BlooJay
It didn't affect how I viewed him as a president.
BoobCopter BoobCopter
I never really liked him, but I don't really care about the sex scandal. Shitty thing to do, but whatever.
butts butts
I couldn't care less.
TheirPet TheirPet
I really didn't care. I mean the Kennedys did more than that and people still loved them.
Llahsram Llahsram
Who the hell cares if someone gets a blowjob?
ImmortalFantasy ImmortalFantasy
Why would I take offense to something that has no effect on me?
If anything, I'm happy our former president was sated.
SoloJoe SoloJoe
no i didnt care
Thumper Logic Thumper Logic
At the time, it was embarrassing to see it spread all over the news. That being said, I don't think that he should have been impeached just for getting a blow job when probably 80% of men working in Washington D.C. are doing the same thing.
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