Do you believe abstinence only education REALLY works?

Do you believe abstinence only education REALLY works?

SkinFlute SkinFlute
Here in the south I see so many girls get pregnant because they were taught "birth control fails so just don't have sex". This leads them to think that since birth control doesn't even work (even though most methods are above 90% effective on their own) then they should just have it unprotected. Even worse, they try myth methods of birth control like douching with coca-cola (yes, that is a common myth). Do you think it's really working?
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No, We need comprehensive safe-sex education in school instead.
233  (97%)
Yes. Absinance only education does really work.
7  (3%)
Total votes: 240
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bayosgirl bayosgirl
I think we need to teach birth control methods in schools, but we also need to stress the reality that no birth control method is 100% effective against pregnancy or even against STD's. For example, you can get things like herpes and crabs quite easily even while using a condom. It's one thing to practice safe sex, it's another entirely to take it for granted and have promiscuous sex because you're "covered." Many people have AIDS because they thought "it can't happen to me." sad but true.
Ryuson Ryuson
I think that we should talk about how NOT doing it is the only way to 100% prevent the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancy, but I feel that if kids are going to have sex, they're going to have it weather or not we teach them how to do it safely.
gloomybear gloomybear
no because kids are gonna have sex no matter what they are taught the least we can do it tell them what to risks are and how to be safe
Bex1331 Bex1331
Of course mention that abstinence is the only 100% effective way but also discuss other options. Just because they're teenagers doesn't mean they can't make informed decisions we just need to give them the chance. In an ideal world they would learn these things at home but truth is they aren't so now it comes down to the schools responsibility.
Iron Man Iron Man
Not even slightly. I'm pretty sure in some special cases it might, but teenagers think they're invincible and that nothing bad will ever happen to them, so telling them that they shouldn't have sex if they don't want to get pregnant is like saying "THIS IS A CHALLENGE. TRY IT AND SEE IF YOU CAN BEAT IT."
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Comprehensive is vastly superior. The way I was taught was that abstinance is better until you can afford the risk of kids (wonderful as they are, there is an economic burden attached), but if you have to, use protection
ksparkles16 ksparkles16
no, we do need comprehensive
P'Gell P'Gell
I think Abstinence Only programs are a menace! It's actually been proven that they cause pregnancies (well sex does, but young people involved in ab only programs are MORE likely to get pregnant than those who get real information about workable birth control.) There have been many studies on the "Promise Program" where young people get a ring and "promise" to wait until marriage..... kids in these programs get STDs and pregnancies in higher rates than kids who got the full information.

Not to mention virtually everyone I personally know who used the Ab Only crap with their kids are grandparents, with their teens as the parents. It's ridiculous.

Here's an excellent article about how miserably Virginity Pledges fail.
Zombirella Zombirella
No, I don't. I think we need to focus on teaching youth about their options of protection and birth control as well as make them aware of all STD's and STI's. Keeping them in the dark and trying to pound it into their head to "keep it in their pants" isn't going to help anyone. Hormones and teenagers are a fact of life, deal with it in a healthy way.
Peggi Peggi
Every friend I have and I (who were taught this way) are proof that it DOESN'T work. More of my friends who were taught this way ended up with early pregnancy and for some of them, STDs.

More of my friends who were taught by other means ended up waiting longer before having sex, had a higher percentage of NOT getting pregnant until out of high school, and have much better futures because of it. I say that, in the sense that most of my friends who did end up pregnant due to our abstaining only education, are very unhappy with their lives. They can't hold down jobs because most of them have 2 or more kids and are single parents, and several of them couldn't finish school and didn't go back for a GED. They almost all at one point or another have either considered or attempted suicide, and many of them have emotional scarring from their parents forcing them to have abortions.

It's terrible.

We were all going to have sex anyway, and teaching us how to prevent STDs and pregnancy could've saved a lot of us from future issues.
meezerosity meezerosity
No no a thousand times NO.

I went to a public school that had "abstinence only" sex-ed. I was outright lied to, told horror stores of slut shaming, false STD transmissions, and it was excruciating. The sad part is that my graduating class out of 200something we had 15 girls who were either pregnant or had a baby before they graduated, even more that dropped out. It is a bunch of bullshit.

Speaking of bullshit, Penn & Teller did an episode of their show on it and I agreed 100%.
Errant Venture Errant Venture
I'll have to check out that Penn & Teller thing.

I vaguely remember hearing a while back that Texas is a state that teaches abstinence only, yet has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates? I'll have to look that up later to see if that's true, but if it is I have to wonder why they persevere with abstinence teaching.
Woman China Woman China
Teaching only one side of the story does more harm than good.

What should be taught in school is responsibility, taking responsibility for ones action, the whole concept of consequences, living with consequences, how to make informed decisions...

These thoughts are lost to so many now. If we were taught these in school and at home, then it wouldn't matter if sex was taught at school, our students would be able to make good and informed decisions.

Besides, I do not feel that "sex ed" should be taught at school. Biology, yes. Sex ed should be taught by parents. But this is my opinion.
LoveBug721 LoveBug721
Originally posted by SkinFlute
Here in the south I see so many girls get pregnant because they were taught "birth control fails so just don't have sex". This leads them to think that since birth control doesn't even work (even though most methods are above 90% ...
not at all safe-sex is what they should teach along with abstinence
unfulfilled unfulfilled
No, it's good to tell everything. Yes abstaining is the only way to be 100% effective, but the majority of teens are not going to abstain ( I didn't) so it's best to teach everything from proper way to use condoms, where you can get them, birth control options, STD's, etc.
Badass Badass
this is not a black and white issue and needs more than 2 options.
abstinence should be taught. STD's should be taught, HEAVILY, to scare kids into seeing how bad sex with a stranger can be. Pregnancy and birthing should be shown. For the same reason, so scare them.
But, for those kids who still want to do the deed seeing the damage it does, I think condoms should be learned about as well. But I think they should stress that condoms don't always prevents STD transmission and pregnancy.
Llahsram Llahsram
Not only does it NOT work, but it's PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that it doesn't work and people are in denial about it.

Mississippi (my home state) lauds abstinence-only programs, yet has the highest teen birth rate in the country.
squire squire
I think it's pretty much a fact that abstinence-only programs are pretty much useless. Though some research does show it prolongs initiation into sexual activity (by a small amount) people are more likely to have sex without protection, contract STI's, and have less satisfying sex life linked to openness and an informed approach to sex. Abstinence education can be useful, I think, if couched in terms of waiting till your are ready/informed/with someone you care about, and pairing it up with sex education.

This is pretty much what they do in Europe and their rates of STI's, abortions, number of relationships had, length of relationships had by minors, pregnancies are all better than in the US.

Problem I see is that people have the wrong conversations....WHen was the last time you heard people say, for example, that everyone basically would like to see fewer abortions in the world...why not find a way through education to decrease that number and keep people safe.. I think we just get polarized. Hard to have that conversation, though, given how sex negative we are are a culture here.
BlooJay BlooJay
Originally posted by Zombirella
No, I don't. I think we need to focus on teaching youth about their options of protection and birth control as well as make them aware of all STD's and STI's. Keeping them in the dark and trying to pound it into their head to "keep ...
All His All His
I was raised and believe in teaching the open information method, I was given all the information on safe sex, stds, pregnancy and even abstinence and then I made my choice. You can't stop teenagers from having sex, telling them no is like daring them to try getting away with it, but if they have all the information they are more likely to make an informed decision
gypsymama gypsymama
I am 100% against teaching abstinence as a form of sex-ed!!! All it accomplishes is making sex seem like something taboo, bad, and wrong.... what does that accomplish??? It makes kids want to rebel by HAVING sex, and creates a lifetime of conflicted emotions about ones sexuality.

We teach our kids to wear sunscreen when outside, not to stay out of the sun at all costs. We teach our kids to brush their teeth after eating sugary foods, not to never eat cake. We teach our kids to wear seat belts, not to never ride in a car. SO, why not teach our kids how to be sexually responsible rather than tell them to keep their legs crossed?????
Envy Envy
It's BS. I think some schools do this for a few reasons:

1) Religious views (especially when it comes to the South--not supposed to have sex until married, so let's just tell the kids Not to do it no matter what)
2) No funds (no money to really expand the health portion of the classes, so they just give a basic "don't do it" speech)
3) Responsibility of the parent (some schools think it's the responsibility of the parent and not them that is to teach about sex--some parents think it's the school's responsibility instead!)

It's sad, really, how kids aren't educated well on the matter. I remember being in the South to see my now ex graduate, and I saw so many teenage girls with kids it wasn't even funny. I honestly felt sick to my stomach.

When i was in school, I didn't feel ready to learn about sex, sex ed, etc. It was seen as a taboo subject in my family and the thought of me having it made me sick and afraid and the idea of me having a bf at the time sent my dad into a rage. So I opted out of the classes. BUT I did do independent study about it all when i felt ready. And I learned later that all the classes did was talk about it scientifically, like how babies are made, meiosis, etc, and not really about the sex part. Which looking back I think was wrong. It makes me wish at times i could volunteer at a local high school and help teach these kids something. I'd probably feel a little embarrassed about it, but at least I'd feel better knowing that teenagers would be getting some much needed information.

Also, personally, i think to help counter this a bit, I think the age at which to buy sex toys should be lowered. i feel that if kids, especially females, had access to some toys, they might not be as inclined to jump into having sex if they can please themselves.

Just my two cents.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
Abstinence-only sex ed programs are crap, bottom line. I don't know why anybody bothers with them. Many teens are going to have sex one way or another, and not having them informed about safe sex options is just asking for trouble. Comprehensive teaching is the way to go with any topic, sex ed especially.
Talena Talena
The younger set is going to have sex with or without sex why not teach them about it the right way and not just the personal opinions of the instructor or group.
<3BF <3BF
pregnancy rates are higher in areas that use abstinence only education so no, it doesn't work.
Claire-Bear Claire-Bear
No, no, no. This is the worst idea ever. I read the statistics for pregnancy and stds during the Bush administration went up considerably.
elli elli
No, it doesn't work. I had comprehensive sex ed when I was in school, and even though I still consider it woefully incomplete, at least the information I did get was accurate and nonjudgmental.
P'Gell P'Gell
Originally posted by Badass
this is not a black and white issue and needs more than 2 options.
abstinence should be taught. STD's should be taught, HEAVILY, to scare kids into seeing how bad sex with a stranger can be. Pregnancy and birthing should be shown. For the same ...
Repeated studies in everything from drugs to cigarette smoking to alcohol consumption has shown that "scare tactics" simply don't work. EVER!

You scare young women about childbirth, they are going to dread their own children's births when they ARE ready to have them, and take the more dangerous options like heavy medication, planned C Sections (with no medical reason) and then often make terrible child rearing choices, all based on some "scare tactic" gory birth film they saw in Jr High.

Children need to be respected and you don't try to scare the shit out of people you love! Nor do you try to scare people away from SEX for G*d's sake! Then you get women who can't have orgasms and don't know how to say no, and don't even know how to ask for what they need when they are old enough to have sex and have a partner.

I think Scare Tactics are the WORST thing we can do to young people. It's disrespectful, disingenuous and dishonest.

I've NEVER tried to scare my children away from sex. I was always honest with them and told them about STDs and good forms of birth control and so far NONE of them have gotten pregnant, because they use birth control and they use it properly and reliably. Two are sexually active, and they are not afraid of sex, and they respect me for being HONEST with them about sex when they were younger.
Beck Beck
Absolutely not. Hearing someone tell me about abstinence only made me want to go have sex. Someone should be teaching something not trying to push morals. They need education on all the options that are available to them. Birth control, abstinence, and self pleasure. You need to decide what is right for you. Saving yourself for marriage is for some people, but not everyone. And some people need to hear that self pleasure is okay. After all it is the only safe sex you can actually have unless in a monogamous relationship.
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