Ladies: What comes of first, bra or panties? Gents: What's your preference?

Contributor: Missy27 Missy27
If I am the one taking off, it's the top. If my husband is, he tends to head for my panties first.
Contributor: butts butts
As a gay guy; I like to see my partner take his bottoms off first, then pull up his shirt, it's really cute.
Contributor: Fun2 Fun2
I love thongs/g-strings/garte rs. Leave them on a little while
Contributor: wicked weasel wicked weasel
For me, if it's a woman with small breasts I like the shirt off first.
Women with bigger tits; the bottom has definitely got to go first
Contributor: SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
If I'm not wearing lingerie that I can have sex in, everything comes off at once.
Contributor: LAndJ LAndJ
Depends, always different.
Contributor: Missmarc Missmarc
Originally posted by kck
Ladies, when strip teasing your partner, what comes off first: Your top (bra, shirt, corset, whatever!) or bottom (panties, petticoat, shorts, whatever!)?

And Gents, do you like to have your partner take the top or bottom off ... more
Ladies: I take my top off first.
Contributor: SourAppleMartini SourAppleMartini
Bra usually goes first. I feel weirdly uncomfortable with a bare bum while still wearing clothes on top.
Contributor: karenm karenm
The top comes off first for me.