Jokes/The Comedy in LTRs

Jokes/The Comedy in LTRs

Bethy Cassatt Bethy Cassatt
Does the humor between you and your SO improve as you're together, as you figure out what the other person likes more-- Or would you say that things get old and it's harder to get a smile going?

I'd say that the two of us get each other more and more, even after a solid year of hanging so close.
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
I do remember the comic moments from when I was married. My ex and I had a series of old in-jokes that would just set the other off into giggles, and all either of us had to say was just the first word. Most of them came from our writing, as we wrote a lot of comedy together because we loved the Ridiculous.

C and I've been together for about four months now, but we're starting our own collection already. It's comforting being able to do it.

I just realized that was one of the things missing from when I was with former-Master ... the lack of in-jokes and comedy between us because he was always so serious and self-conscious. I didn't think of it until now.
js250 js250
Definitely--as with any long term relationship, the one between partners have their own share of inside jokes.
indiglo indiglo
Definitely here too. We have so many inside jokes, and sometimes all it takes will be a look or a sound, and we just crack up. Plus, the safer you feel with someone the more general, gentle teasing you can - and that can be funny as hell.

Everything seems to get better in a healthy LTR!
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