Your Stance On Having A Hickey

Your Stance On Having A Hickey

FlyingSnow FlyingSnow
My best friend use to flaunt in public having more than five to ten hickeys around her neck/body.. A little too much for my taste.

Most of the time I don't make anything of it.

Depending on the person/how embarrassed they are, it can be rather cute.
AwesomeAmanda AwesomeAmanda
I think they are tacky looking. but you can usually tell the difference between a hicky that was an accident that happened in the heat of the moment and a totally trashy ownership mark.
Love Bites Love Bites
Originally posted by mjtheprincess
Is it slutty to have a hickey? Is it a sign of ownership? Something else entirely?
Your options on voting all seem rather negative, so I was forced to say other. I love hickeys- I love giving and receiving them. I love being marked in such a way, and I love marking my partner in such a way. It's hot, and I love showing off by wearing my hair up. It's also a reminder of some really amazing sex, which is always a plus.

The marking thing isn't really about ownership though, it's just that I love marking my partner and I enjoy marks. Whether it's rope marks, bite marks, hickeys, or marks from spanked or whatnot. I just enjoy it all.
Teaser Teaser
Just Trashy, IMHO. It reminds me of a dog marking its' territory.

I actually had my sister-in-law convinced that you could get blood poisoning from getting a hickey, but that was a long time ago, and she was real young. But at least it stopped them for a while. LOL
SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
Originally posted by moongirl
I thought these were a high-school thing. After that they're a little silly, I think.
Totally agree!
malicen malicen
They happen by accident, I bruise easily. Once or twice I felt that my husband did it to mark me- both times were when I was seeing an old friend.
I don't like seeing them on people who are at work. It doesn't look professional.
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