#Rumble - August Review Rumble

#Rumble - August Review Rumble

Lena Eden Lena Eden
Welcome to our #August Review Rumble, where great reviews are nominated, the community learns about new and interesting products, and Contributors are rewarded.

As always, it was REALLY tough narrowing it down because many reviews were simply outstanding!

Please read each entry and vote for the review(s) you like best.


- You cannot vote for yourself
- You can vote for up to 3 reviews

The writer of the most liked review will get $15, the second runner up will get $10 and the third runner up will get $5, all to be spent toward a brand new toy!
Total votes: 15 (10 voters)
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ReverieReviews ReverieReviews
I'm honored to have been nominated during my first month as a reviewer here on EF!

"Naughty Little Sucker" and "Are You Ready For A Little Cock Shock?" each got my vote

The "Naughty Little Sucker" review is just so informative and personable, and it was interesting to hear how the nipple sucker can double as a clit sucker! As for "Are You Ready For A Little Cock Shock?," well, props primarily go towards the humorous "Cock Shock" line in the title, but the review itself was also a fascinating read for me as I've never used e-stim before and have never given it much consideration.
Jetta918 Jetta918
"Sexy babydoll, but plus sizes beware" gets mine. While i apprexiate the others for me its the personal connection, not the playtime stories or direct description, but the ability to self identify and conrinue to review without a truly negative experience. I'm truly glad you wrote about your body images and how that may effect your review. Since I usually shop for the wife and she is slightly plus size I always fear she won't see it on her the same way I do. And since her comfort is paramount for a great session your honest and open review was important, and relatable. Most of what you complained about is exactly what I can hear her saying!
Lena Eden Lena Eden
Hey guys,

So the last summer month Rumble is over so it's time to sum up the results and call the winners

1st place: is given to Di's Guy, who wrote his unrivaled review of the ePlay penis bands!

2nd place: is won by xoheartsyou, who shared her double penetration experience with Levina Double End vibe

3rd place is shared among all other participants. KinkNoShame, AmethystQueen, sXeVegan90, AudialLust receive a $5 gift card for their stunning reviews

Thank you all for sharing, voting and contributing to Eden Review program!

Good luck in future Rumbles
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