Beauty Ingredients Site-VERY Helpful with writing reviews!

Beauty Ingredients Site-VERY Helpful with writing reviews!

MamaDivine MamaDivine
I was just doing some research on the Bella Il Fiore lip treatment, and I came across a really awesome website. I'm still fairly new to looking into what is "natural/organic" and what is bad for you, etc etc. I wanted to throw out there a site that may be of some use to those of you that write reviews on the beauty products. It is super easy to use and can give you a really good insight to what kind of ingredients are being used in the products you're reviewing.

Hope this helps! If there is anything that is not "right" with this site, please let us know. Like I said, Im still new to this, so Im not sure how "accurate" this site is. But it has smiley faces or frowny faces on the ingredients so you can see just if they are good or bad for you. Also, if you click on the ingredient, it will show you what it is and information about it.

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TheSinDoll TheSinDoll
Thanks for the information!
Peggi Peggi
Very cool! Thanks for sharing this with us!
pasdechat pasdechat
Wow, thanks for the tip!
Iron Man Iron Man
Ohwow. This is great! Thanks for the hookup; this should really help with the review I'm cranking out right now.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
Thnaks for sharing, seems very useful bookmarked.
Kitka Kitka
Awesome resource, thanks for sharing!
BG529 BG529
Thanks for sharing
MamaDivine MamaDivine
You're very welcome everyone! I have to give credit to Lilac Distraction-She was my mentor and gave me this site. So, a big thankies to you!
That's awesomely helpful, thanks!
Kindred Kindred
Here are the two database sites I use for cosmetic reviews:

EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

The one potential downside is that the language used can be rather technical and scientific, but they are both very good resources.
SMichelle SMichelle
Thanks for the resource!
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