Best way to handle a comparative review?

Best way to handle a comparative review?

ScottA ScottA
I'm going to be doing a comparative video review of several double dildos, and I'm not sure the best way to do it. Should I:

(a) Put everything you need in the comparative review. This would make it longer (probably longer than 3 minutes), but wouldn't need any references.


(b) do "straight" video reviews for all of the dildos I'm physically testing and then focus a separate review on the comparative aspects, referring to the individual videos for details of each dildo rather than covering them in the comparative review. I'd have to talk with Gary to figure out how to best link this all together, probably with a link from each review to the comparison.
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Rockin' Rockin'
To me, one video would be better. Video reviews don't need to be exhaustive like (some) written reviews should be. If your goal is to compare double dildos, touch on the important aspects of each toy, and then get to the comparisons. There's a lot that I gain from a video that takes a long time to explain in words. Is a toy flexible? Show it. Does it have a bullet hole? Show it. How textured is each shaft? It's right there for me to see ^_^ Size comparisons are pretty quick, too, if you just hold them up in one or two relevant positions.

You might want to make an outline of what to include so that each item is covered fairly, so if the video is reposted on each item's page, there's good info about everything. Does that make sense? I guess all I mean by the last part is that I wouldn't want to watch a video about product X if all info is comparative: "Product Y is better than X because of ABC, and Z is different in these aspects..."
twistedheartsx twistedheartsx
If I were looking for two or more comparative toys, I'd rather go to one video and get the information, be it long or not. To have to go back and forth and search and not see them side by side would be pointless to me.
Kindred Kindred
I agree that one comprehensive video review would be the most helpful if I were looking for a comparison of similar products.

If the same video is going to be posted on each of the products pages (not sure what you have planned), might I suggest that you film each one separately and splice the segments together. That way you could customize the video so that the first product described is always the one on that page. Also, if for some reason that format does not work, you always have each individual review already made.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
I'd say one video, separate text for each. I'm also thinking a blog comparative text would work awesomely, too. (and you can even embed the video there, too, if you want, once it's up here)

Also, no worries on going over the three minutes for this one, Scott. Seriously. I can't imagine getting it all in in three minutes. (then again, I'm notorious for babbling for 10 minutes about one product. )

I'd say take as much time as you need to on the video - those who will be watching it won't mind since it's going to be majorly useful.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Er, I meant one comparative video but do up each product separately for the text portions.
ScottA ScottA
OK - I'll start off with the comparative. If it turns out that one of the dildos also needs a video segment of its own I'll worry about that later.
Teacookie Teacookie
thank you for info/ideas.
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