Do you prefer informative video reviews or product adverts?

Do you prefer informative video reviews or product adverts?

Woman China Woman China
It takes me ages to have a video buffer thingie enough so I can actually watch it without starting and stopping. Its come to the point where unless I see a members name that I know makes good quality video reviews I don't even bother opening the others.

And yes, there are some video reviews where the person adds in lots of details making the video a very informative review and worth the time to download. But there are many more video reviews lately that just seems that the person making it just wants to create an adult commercial to sell the toy. This is fine too, but it's not really worth the upwards of twenty minutes it takes me to get the video and be able to watch it.

Then I see video reviews where the reviewer takes you through a comparison of the toy for the review and another toy, talks about the pro's and con's, provides a few tips, and then discusses the settings and some things from their written report like; loudness of buzzing, comparing with another toy or common household object, how to recharge, what comes with the toy etc...

Is there anyway to add a "usefulness" vote style of thing beside the video reviews like there is on the written reviews? Or have them categorised as "Advert" or "Informative"?

My apologies if this seems harsh to those of you that do make the advert style of videos... this is not my intent. They are fun to watch when I am not trapped behind the Great Firewall!
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
I prefer that they would be "Informative Video Reviews"
I prefer that they would be "Advert Style Video Review"
I prefer that they be "A combination of both"
I would like to see a category tag for the videos stating it is indeed informative or an advert type
I would like to be able to vote on the usefulness of the video
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Antipova Antipova
Just out of curiosity---what kind of video reviews would you say mine are? I try to use them as a sort of augmentation of the text review, showing things that are hard to talk about with words. I've done a couple "just overview" styles (like my one of my steel toys) (actually that's the only one I can think of) but I did specifically title it "overview" as opposed to "review" so hopefully people wouldn't get confused. The other non-standard one I've done is the Dual Density Debate, but again I hope I labeled that clearly.

But... since I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'advert type' vs 'informative type,' which one would you call my average video review?

(And just to be clear, because it's the internet and it never hurts to be clear---I'm not feeling attacked or anything, and I think this is a really good question to get people talking and thinking as they do their videos (because I love constructive criticism!)---I'm just looking forward to a little clearer example of what you mean when you say advert-style vs. informative style. Which ones do I do?)
Woman China Woman China
All of the ones I've seen of yours, especially your Jopen's "Intensity" and your "Dr. Vibe" the cap thingie for the Fairy Wand are the ones freshest in my mind, I would say are highly informative and so very worth the time it takes to download!!!! CarrieAnn's comparison review of the Lelo's Gigi and some other g-spot toys is another.

"Advert type" for me, would be a video that is more of a commercial selling the item with nothing more than just the barest minimum from the products info page. I don't quite feel comfortable pointing out specific details of what I call an "Advert Video" for fear of stepping on members toes. They do have their place just as much as what I call "Informative Video Reviews", so would rather not single them out.
Kindred Kindred
I'm not sure exactly what you mean either. There are currently 4 types of video reviews: manufacturer (commercial), sneak peak, standard review, and adult. In terms of being associated with a written review, only a standard and adult video are possible and adult videos should have the "contains nudity, viewer discretion advised" at the start of the video. Adult videos are designed to display the product in use in an erotic manner. Are those the ones you mean?

Also, you can vote on videos on Edentube. Each video can be rated up to 5 stars just like on product pages.
dhig dhig
i like informative ones myself
freda freda
i like informative
El-Jaro El-Jaro
Informative, entertaining, concise.

Informative: answers/supplements the written review
Entertaining: it holds my attention. Shiny things work best.
Concise: in and out in under 3-4 minutes. Think about what you're going to say in the video, don't read the written review as a script.
Woman China Woman China
Originally posted by Kindred
I'm not sure exactly what you mean either. There are currently 4 types of video reviews: manufacturer (commercial), sneak peak, standard review, and adult. In terms of being associated with a written review, only a standard and adult video are ...
My situation is finicky and Edentube doesn't load quite properly so cannot vote.

And yes, I think the ones I have called "adverts" are the ones called "adult video". There are some adult videos though that are very well done and provide a lot of information, so in my opinion, I cannot consider them adverts but informative videos.

I still would like to see on the product page the ability to vote for the videos. Similar to where we get to see the most helpful and the most critical review.
FemmeFlo FemmeFlo
I think there are two categories of videos already: video reviews, and adult videos. Maybe you've just been running across mostly adult videos.
sweetcaroline sweetcaroline
I like the video reviews, for sure. advertising is just obnoxious.
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