Review Writing: Which part of writing the review is the easiest? The hardest? The most fun?---Why?

Review Writing: Which part of writing the review is the easiest? The hardest? The most fun?---Why?

js250 js250
The easiest part of the review for me is the summary, pros and cons.

The hardest part would be the functions/controls.

The most fun--why the title, of course!!! I love making up my titles and realize they might not all make sense for you guys, but they do to me. I get a bit bummed when it is just hum drum.

BONUS--When I can add a helpful picture or two; ones that actually do help the reader decide on the product!!

Oh!! Bigger bonus--When someone tells me they got the item based on my review and they love it as well!!!
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nanamondoute nanamondoute
I'm always happy if someone finds my review really helpful in their decision to get it/don't get it.

I think the easiest part is the description...harder is my experience, cause my experience can't stand for everyone. It's just really hard if I don't have a really deep opinion about the item. Like most people, if I hate it/love it, it's so much easier.
Geogeo Geogeo
Easiest is pros and cons, the hardest is stressing out that I forgot some vital information.
Zombirella Zombirella
Sometimes I find it hard to describe vibration patterns. Especially with the last toy I reviewed that had 12! I try to do my best but I HATE it sometimes. I find talking about the texture/material, care and use to be easiest. I like to talk about the functions (even the patterns sometimes)
B8trDude B8trDude
Generally speaking, writing the review is the easiest part. The challenge for me is to come up with the "theme" of what I want to say - if you read my reviews, you'll see that I come up with some pretty strange stuff Once I have an idea of what to build my review around, the rest just seems to fall in place.

Another challenge is trying to say something meaningful about things (such as cock rings) for which there is often very little to say. Cock Rings are, perhaps, the most difficult. After all, you could write a very short review that says, "The Acme Cock Ring is round and made from silicone. You place it around your junk. It keeps you hard. Don't wear it longer than 30 minutes. The end." That, however, is very boring so the trick is to say a lot about nothing, try to make it interesting and fun to read, and hopefully help others who are interested in buying it.
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