Mentor program frustrations

Mentor program frustrations

Zombirella Zombirella
Is anything ever going to be done to fix the mentor program? I'm talking about students being in your class then going up for vote on the community page.
I'm just REALLY bummed out right now.
I don't know if I need a break from here, or if I should just not do the mentor program anymore.
I just don't think it is fair that people can do this.
I don't mind mentoring someone that is ALREADY advanced that asks me, but I am not thrilled at all about what has just happened to me yet again....

I just want to know if anyone has taken this into consideration and working on a way that will not allow people to go up for vote while in class.
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nanamondoute nanamondoute
Did you explain the situation when they first came into your class? Perhaps they didn't know...but yeah, that does sound very frustrating. I'm sorry that happened.
lilly555 lilly555
I have yet to mentor someone who is not already an advanced reviewer. What's a shame is when a review who has been advanced requests you but only does so for the points. Okay I can only speculate that this is what they did it for. But recently someone requested to enter my class and less then a day latter the system cancelled the request. This most likely means I'm not the only mentor they asked and someone else accpeted. It made me feel like they were either requesting for points or just didn't care enough about what they were looking for in a mentor. I wish there was a requirement where they had a minimum word count of what they can ask. I've gotten requests that say nothing at all about the review just putting down 'looking for a student?' Maybe I'm being picky but I would like folks to tell me what they need help with so I can know if I'm actually the right fit for them.
I'm sorry Zombirella for the rant. I have not experienced what you have yet and dread the day I do. It sucks that you were deprived of your GC yet again and chances are someone who is not ready to be advanced will be. Maybe they didn't like that a mentor tells you your reviews are not perfect on the first draft . Heck even the most advanced reviewer can use some light editing every once and awhile no ones perfect.
Beck Beck
Sorry this has happened to you. I tell each one of my students not to do this. And it works out better for them in the long wrong. If they wait out the mentoring, they can get two student/push assignments. If they become advanced, I will not request items for them. Advanced reviewers can request their own assignments. So, someone who is not advanced makes out because they get two assignments they wouldn't usually have. Although, I usually only have to request one item per student, but I have requested two before.

Do you have a message set up for to send each one of your students upon signing up for class? If not, I highly suggest you do. Include everything. What happens during class, what to expect, and so on. Everyone of my students get one of these messages. It works out good. I explain how I won't get paid in full for mentoring them if they request an upgrade. And I tell them about the assignments they can get if the aren't advanced.
Ryuson Ryuson
I always ask them not to and I haven't really had any issues with this, though I have had a lot of OTHER issues with students. If you have asked them not to do it and they do it anyways... I would fail them, because they did not follow the rules and regulations you laid down when you accepted them.

What I keep hearing from the admins is that "They're working on it." I think that they have a LOT up their sleeve (Like with the new changes to the points program, which must have taken a ton of time!) and it's just a matter of time until they can get their programmers on the job. Unfortunately I think that it's not the highest priority because it's not immediately making or losing them a lot of money.

I also hope that they make some changes soon, but I also think that it's just disrespectful of those people and it's worth failing them. If you're doing them a favor and mentoring them, the least that they could do is take to heart things you ask them to please not do!
js250 js250
I am with you. I have had students not respond and also had a student I spent an immense amount of time on do the upgrade after 3 assignments and they wanted to keep working with me. Complete bs...
AskEden AskEden
That can be very frustrating and we've been hearing this for a while now. We've been brain storming how to make it fair AND not limit people's choices.

It's a work in progress and will see improvement in the future.

Zombirella Zombirella
I usually do something along the lines of what Beck said but maybe I left that part out. I am going to be sure to mention that and make it clear from now on. I think I will do this before I even accept anyone anymore because I have accepted requests before and then the person never comes back to EF or something and there goes my slot for the month.

Good to know that word has gotten to the ones that can take care of it. I hope we see some changes sooner than later.
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