Mentor Search Questions...

Mentor Search Questions...

PolyLove PolyLove
Hey y'all,
I'm just getting back into writing reviews and have 3 items that I are over due. All three of these are outside of my comfort zone. I have a pair of gloves, the master collar (but it was for my husband), and a fleshlight (another product I got for my husband). These aren't in in my "comfort zone" because I feel that the gloves don't have enough to them for a lengthy review, and the items for my husband I haven't used or can't use. I would love a mentor that has written reviews for their partner on items that they can't use and have to "interview" their partner on. Any suggestions? I haven't been active in a while so I don't know who's knew, who's done what, or any of the recent mentors. Thanks a ton for your help. =)
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PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
Hey there Lil' Missy! Welcome back!

As far as writing reviews for your spouse, I've done that several times. We usually use them together and we talk about how it feels while we're using it. I've used fleshlights on my husband before, but if that's something you're not comfortable with for whatever reason, it shouldn't be hard to take a look at the items, write about them based on the look, feel, design, and then talk with him about how it felt and go on to write about his experience of it.

As far as the gloves, good reviews don't have to be lengthy. As long as you're providing all the information needed to let the reader know everything they need to about the product, length doesn't matter! Quality, fit, feel, etc. are all important when writing a review on an item like that.

Like I said, length doesn't equal good quality, so that shouldn't be an issue either. There are loads of mentors that I think would be able to help you with these type of reviews. I'm not sure how long it's been since you've been away, but taking a little scroll through the available mentors should provide the information you need to figure out who would be a good fit for you.

Let me know if there's anything else you need!
indiglo indiglo
When I am writing about my man's thoughts on any product, I usually try to ask him questions in a normal conversational tone - rather than as though it were an interview and I'm going down a list of questions. I take brief notes as he responds, and then I'll read it all back to him to make sure I'm understanding his feelings on the item.

Then, I'll start to kind of expand on what he said with my own observations, and weave it all into something that reflects both our points of view. At the end, I read the whole thing back to him, and ask him if that accurately reflects his experience. If it does - YAY. If it doesn't - then I'll correct what needs correcting and we call it a day.

When it's an item I am completely unfamiliar with, I'll go through and read reviews on other similar items - that will often give me an idea of what information I'd like to include or leave out of the review.

Maybe some of those ideas will help you in addition to the great suggestions by PropertyOfPotter!
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