Review Rant

Review Rant

CharlotteNicole CharlotteNicole
So I have this review that's in draft form right now. I've been working on it for about an hour or so tonight and I get through polishing and perfecting a section.

Excited to move on to the next section, I highlight a few words that need to be changed and..... press delete.
Of course I had forgotten to press the edit button because the text box looks so editable already.

So my delete key brings me back to the previous page and I lose my perfectly polished hour of work.

Has anyone else had this experience?

I think what I really need to do is have a word document formatted out so that I can do all of my editing there and then copy-paste to Eden's form when I'm totally finished.

Still so sad. All those perfect words!
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DancerKittyKat DancerKittyKat
Oh no! That's horrible and so frustrating!! I've never had this happen to me here, thank goodness. I tend to work in Microsoft Word because I find the text boxes tedious. I'm also the kind of person who saves her work every few seconds. I'm slightly paranoid that way. I have had a similar experience where I was writing a long submission to a survey and the browser crashed, deleting all of my work. I look forward to reading the review! On the bright side, perhaps now that you have your thoughts organized, the writing will be even more inspirational...
MrClark MrClark
I ran into this issue with my first review as didn't realize I could save each section of the extended review format as I went along and it'd be saved as draft protecting it from such problems. Mind you sounds like you had saved the section?

But yeah might consider creating a Google doc myself so this doesn't happen for any of my future reviews. But sorry to hear! Hope you get the review up in the end!
OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
More than once sorry to say. Sometimes it's so late at night and tired already from the days activities, make boo boos.
CharlotteNicole CharlotteNicole
Thanks for your support, guys.
I've definitely learned my lesson now.
RockDoc RockDoc
Sadly, I feel your pain. I have had this happen twice. One time was when uploading pictures. You learn how to work around it.
Vnessa Vnessa
Been there. That sucks. Sometimes I edit from my tablet while laying in bed and I end up messing the whole thing up. You would think I would learn lol.
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