The first product you wrote a review for was:

The first product you wrote a review for was:

zeebot zeebot
I bought toys elsewhere, then discovered this site.
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
I had the Fun Factory Flash for a while before discovering this site.
indiglo indiglo
The Passion Wave Stimulator. I got it here and had it for a long time before venturing to write a review on it. And now I'm getting ready to add a video review to the written one!
Illumin8 Illumin8
I wrote my first review on something that I already had - Wet Body Glide (Strawberry Flavor)
PaleBeauty6 PaleBeauty6
I reviewed the Doc Johnson IRabbit vibe. My first toy
JRabbits JRabbits
Well crap, I can't remember what my first review, outside of books, was. I came into reviewing sex toys / products by complete chance, it wasn't really something I was looking to get into, lol. Buy I'm glad I did.

Now if you want to know what my first toy review for EF was it was the Seduction Holiday Edition by Evolved. Just reviewed that yesterday on my blog.
JRabbits JRabbits
Okay, just looked back on my blog and my toy / product reviews and I do believe my first toy for review was the Nubby-G from Babeland, but there's a good chance it could have been silky sash restraints that I purchased from another site and wanted to toss up a quick review on them before offering a second pair in a giveaway for my readers. One of the two.

Depending on the product I use it anywhere between 1 to 2 or 3 times. . . or in case of my Lelo Mia I played with it a good 5 times before completing a review on it. Once to get my initial feel for it outside of first impressions and another for follow up and a third time if I'm still uncertain on my overall feelings on it.
Princess-Kayla ♥ Princess-Kayla ♥
I wasn't aware of the review program when I got my first toy. I had it about 2 months before I realized I could write a review on it.
It was some wrist cuffs.
AndroAngel AndroAngel
My first review was of the Njoy Eleven, and I'd had it for a while before I reviewed it. When I test a product specifically for a review, I tend to write my review after testing it in every way I can think of to test it. It might take me a day or a week, depending on the product type.
Lily Night Lily Night
Our first review was a book we had checked out at the library and enjoyed. After that things started to involve a little more planning.
arewehavingfun? arewehavingfun?
I just joined and am working with a mentor. I am writing a review on some lube that we have and use most of all our lubes. It hasn't been published just yet. I hope you all go easy on me!!!
Angelica Angelica
For liquid V arousal gel. I had it for awhile and saw I could write a review on it. I have come a long way since then I think!
DiscretionAdvised DiscretionAdvised
I just wrote my first reviews a few days ago, so it's still pretty fresh in my mind!
lilly555 lilly555
The Corsar from Fun Factory I think I found Eden in a magazine and was in the market for my first vibrator so I thought I'd try it out.
GonetoLovehoney GonetoLovehoney
The first toy I reviewed was a double bullet vibe I have owned since the beginning of the year.
destinationtwilight destinationtwilight
Originally posted by PeppermintClit
I'm expecting a package full of toys tomorrow, and am eager to start trying and reviewing them. I was curious whether more people planned ahead for their first review, or if they usually started out with reviewing an item they'd been using ...
Great question!
geliebt geliebt
It was the very first sex toy I had ever gotten! I'd been using it a long time before I ever found Eden.
MrGoodTool MrGoodTool
I knew I was going to review the product as soon as I ordered it.
littlemissV littlemissV

I'm from the UK, would I be able to review products?
I've signed up for the program but can't see where I add my address and when I click the grab it button I go to my assignment cart and cant see a submit button...
nanamondoute nanamondoute
I just joined a week ago and explored the site to see what there was. Thus, I found out about the review program before anything else. So, I had in mind to review the first product I purchased from this site, and that's exactly what I did. I'll also be writing reviews for the other toys that also came in the shipment soon
hesteele09 hesteele09
First review was from my first purchase from Eden Fantasys
Chami Chami
The 1st thing I reviewed I wasn't planning on reviewing. In fact I wasn't planning on reviewing at all I'm glad I started to
milfstatus milfstatus
I review after I explore what ever I get.
Woman China Woman China
The Swirled Blue Dildo.

And it is probably my worst ever review! I am even embarrassed to read it!
Mihoshi4301 Mihoshi4301
I reviewed a toy I had already owned for several months.
SexyStuff SexyStuff
I wrote my first reviews on toys/lube I had before discovering EF.
AHubbyof2SexualMinds AHubbyof2SexualMinds
The first thing I reviewed was a purchase I'd made from EF, but long before I decided to start reviewing products.
Femme Mystique Femme Mystique
Originally posted by ~LaUr3n~
I think I answered this correctly. I was here when the review process was much different. My first product from eden was my first item I reviewed. I was brought onto the review program before I had ever purchased anything here. I still have the toy ...
Same here! Eden assigned me my first product.
chameleon-girl chameleon-girl
My first review was on the Butterfly Kiss vibrator and I didn't even buy it on Eden. But when I joined Eden and found out about the points program and it was on the site, it was an easy decision.
FlashFuchsia FlashFuchsia
I kinda discovered them at the same time.
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