#Roundup - March 06th edition

#Roundup - March 06th edition

Victoria Victoria

It’s time to corral some of this week’s most memorable reviews...

We had about 115 total reviews come in this week...a little bit of a drop - but hey, it’s cold and flu season, right?

Comments on reviews have gotten a little better than last week, but still seem sparse. I hope we can all give more feedback to all of our awesome contributors on their reviews! Go idealism! Yay!

Speaking of contributors and reviews – we launched the first voting thread this week and are now determining upgrade approval by community vote. We’re wicked progressive! Get out the vote, ya'll!

So this week, half of the reviews below are from newbies…check em out.

Let’s all welcome the lovely Lola Rene, who gave us the vibe (heehee) this week on the shiny, fancypants Eroscillator 2 plus.

Two of our reliable reviewer dudes have gone butt-crazy this week with the following excellent reviews: the first one is by the wonderful Average Joe and is for the Bloomy P-spot massager, a cute lil pink sculpture of a toy that he gives us the practical dish on. The second is by the fabulous Red Roulette and covers the infamously named (see the thread here discussing just its name) but certainly able looking Cunter P-spot massager.

They’re up for anything! Toying Couple both took the full test ride with this gorgeous wrapped glass wand. According to them, its beautiful twisting wrap gives a whole new meaning to getting “screwed”.

If you want to pee your pants laughing and you like Smurfs, watch this video review of the Prock prostate massager from a new offsite reviewer, Avitable.

Strap Addict busts onto the scene with his first review, the enormous John Holmes realistic! I’m not saying Strap Addict is my new hero, but damn! He tells us how he warmed up, covered Mr. Holmes with a Magnum XL and went for the stretch. Good follow up in the comments too!

Ok, it’s Friday, I s’posed to be partying and being decadent now, right? Well, after this next double shot of Nyquil and box of tissues, I swear I’m…out.. the….... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Have a sick-free sex-full weekend and I’ll sneeze, I mean, see ya’ll next week!
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Cinnamon Chambers Cinnamon Chambers
Get better soon! I loved reading all the reviews from the new contributors.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
The smurf thing kills me.
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