#Roundup - April 10th edition

#Roundup - April 10th edition

Victoria Victoria
We had about 130 total reviews come in this week – lookin good

Our fifth voting thread finished this week, congrats again to our 8 new Advanced Level reviewers!

The sixth voting batch is up and has been put into 4 groups on 4 separate voting polls. These polls are open for votes until Tuesday, April 14th at 7:30pm – voting is going well, be sure to check it out!

This week’s fab five:
Bucking Bill is taking the “necessity is the mother of invention” adage into the action zone – this man loves to be pegged and darn it, he wants it now! So, like any determined handyman, he gets to work with the Bionic harness and pillows to fill his need. Ride em’ Bill!

Backseat Boohoo has a thrashing good time in bed with this Under the bed restraint kit by Sportsheets. Her photos and video are great – guinea pig friends help really test out these straps – I imagine Boohoo is quite popular these days as the zany girl on campus!

Brand-spanking-new Deviantos reviews this Clone-a-Willy kit and cracks me up as I read his cautionary advice on cloning crooked cocks and double dicking his wife in this great debut!

Better than parody porn, Space Nuts sounds awesome, thanks to Her Royal Redness’ review. Spanning 3 hours over 2 discs, this adult DVD release just might convince you that blowjobs *could* save the universe.

Oh lovely steel Olga, how luxuriously sleek you seem... let Beautiful Dreamer sing your praises, and tell the tales of breaking in this double-ended beauty.

Which others were your favorites this week?

Have a happy Easter, to all who celebrate it – and may all your sweet baskets be bunny hopped (or something sexually delicious, use your imagination) this weekend!
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Sammi Sammi
I loved Beautiful Dreamer's review of Olga, and also Oggins' review of Jenna's rocket booster. I so want both of those!
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