#Roundup - January 20th edition

#Roundup - January 20th edition

Jul!a Jul!a
Hello everybody, and welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #129!

On the Calendar for the next week:

Tuesday, January 24th: Naked Reader Book Club 8pm-10pm EST
Wednesday, January 25th: Workshop: Review program 7pm-8pm EST
Thursday, January 26th: Eden Kink 7pm-9pm EST


Monday, January 30th: Workshop: Cupcake Decorating 7pm-9pm EST
Wednesday, February 1st: Porn Club 7pm-11pm EST
Thursday, February 2nd: Community Planning Meeting 7pm-8pm EST
Thursday, February 2nd: Reviewers Spotlight 8pm-9pm EST

Over on the Eden Cafe this week, we're giving away a JeJoue Uma!! Second place gets a $50 gift card, and third place gets a $25 gift card!

- Want to know more about the JeJoue Uma? Make sure to check out Kayla's spotlight on it!

- Don't forget to check out Kayla's Weekly Buzz thread to see what's new!

- Did you see that Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama and PassionQT both reached 100 reviews this week? That's awesome, so go congratulate them!

- This week we had 592 reviews submitted. Great looking numbers guys!

Name that Toy
Post your guess on this Roundup thread. All correct guesses will go into a weekly drawing. One winner will be chosen randomly and announced on next weeks Roundup. Winner gets a $25.00 GiftCard

Faust won the Name that Toy contest last week! The correct answer is the Blue thunder ultimate penetrator!]

This week's reviews have been brought to you by Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama!

(How would you like to pick the reviews for the Weekly Review Roundup? You get a nifty $25.00 GiftCard. Send me an email at Sam@EdenFantasys.com – subject line “Hosting the Roundup”.)

And now on to this week's picks!

Undead's Be Very Very Quiet I'm hunting wabb Undead is one of our newer reviewers with only 2 reviews done so far. I was very impressed to see this review from someone who is so new to Eden. It was the title of this review made me check out this adorable cock ring. If you're looking for another toy to rock your world, check this out. I'm thinking about ordering this for us in spite of the fact it is noisy.

Sexystuffeve's The Perfect Present This may be SexyStuffEve's fourth review but she certainly knows how to write a review that gives you lots of information and is interesting too! If you're looking for a perfect present to give your lover so that they can take control of a romantic time in public, you may want to check out her review. I'd get this toy but my husband would have too much fun with it...oh well...why not get it anyway. I'll just hide the remote control when we're going to church!  Her pictures were great and her review made me add yet one more item to my wishlist.

DynamicKitty's Poor Man's Latex is for those who love Shiny stuff, especially when it's in an outfit. She shows off Coquette's black wet look miniskirt and makes me wish I was so much smaller. She even shows photos of other items Eden sells that would look great with this item. Her review made me want to wishlist this item and I'm nowhere near the size range...nor will I ever be near that size range except for my dreams. Maybe I could find another way to use it though....could I make it into a hat?

Outwardly Shy's Pinkie I can't fit this in my pants Winkie was a great review of a product I've never considered; a packing dildo. Normally I don't even open up reviews about these toys because they're not for me. But Outwardly Shy drew me in with the title and I wound up not only reading this review but other reviews on packing dildos by them too. With this review, I laughed out loud when I read the safety precaution about the balls and about traveling with this and dealing with TSA. While this toy isn't something I'd add to our toy collection, this review was a great way to showcase a toy that might not work for very many. 

Beck's Prowler in Me tackled one of my favorite types of toys: vibrators. Until reading her review, I never thought of Star Wars or light sabers when I looked at any of my toys. Now I look at my toys and think of how we could use them as light sabers and run through the house as we have pretend sword fights with our vibrators (and dildos too).  All I can say is, "May the force be with you" when it comes to having great sex...with or without this toy. Me?  I'll never be able to look at some of our toys now without the Star Wars music going through my mind. Thanks Beck!
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Beck Beck
Oh thank you TexasMama! I am so glad that you liked my review! You are too kind! Congrats to the other picks! Wonderful reviews up there. Almost 600 reviews, yay! Name that toy is going to be a hard one! So glad to see a past student up there!

But I am going with twisted pleasure.
Subbi Subbi
I think it is the twisted pleasure as well.
wrmbreze wrmbreze
I say the twisted pleasure too.
Nazaress Nazaress
I also think it's the Twisted Pleasure.
CrystaCat CrystaCat
Twisted pleasure it looks like!
Gary A. Gary A.
Congratulations to everyone from last week. Also awesome picks

I'm going to also go with everyone else and say it is the Twisted Pleasure
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Congrats Faust I Am also going with everyone else's guess that it is the Twisted PLeasure!
Sammi Sammi
Great week everyone!
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
Sue Johansen Big Head Honcho?
Zombirella Zombirella
It looks like the twisted pleasure glass dildo that I have had my eye on for awhile!
Tagmstr Tagmstr
Its the Twisted Pleasure
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
Tom Putt in silver? I have no idea.
MissMandii MissMandii
I'm going with twisted pleasure as well!
faust faust
Tnx for everyone, I really appreciate it!!!

Twisted pleasure – dildo, I think.
Ryuson Ryuson
TOTALLY the twisted pleasure dildo!
Awesome week!
namelesschaos namelesschaos
I'm going with the Twisted Pleasure

Congrats to this weeks winner and picks.
Blonde Blonde
Faust and TexasMama, congrats!!!

I think it's the twisted pleasure dildo.

Great week everyone!
I also think it's the Twisted Pleasure.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
Congrats Faust and good luck to this weeks nominees.
Allstars316 Allstars316
Congrats and good luck this week!
buzzvibe buzzvibe
Awesome job, everyone!
lilly555 lilly555
Congratulations to everyone who was featured in the Roundup!!! It's the Twisted Pleasure
Jobthingy Jobthingy
Great week!

Twisted Pleasure is my guess as well
Curiouscat Curiouscat

I'm going to say Twisted Pleasure as well. Although it's really hard to tell, especially since they've been adding clipart and spray colors to the images. It was hard enough before to me. D:
ksparkles16 ksparkles16
the twisted pleasure that's been in my wish list for a while!
discreet dude discreet dude
Definitely Twisted Pleasure.
freshbananas freshbananas
looks like twisted pleasure to me : D
Maiden Maiden
Great week every one!

I own the Twisted Pleasure glass dildo, and that is what immediately came to mind. So, I'm going to go with that as my guess for sure!
unfulfilled unfulfilled
After looking around a bit, I'm going to vote for twisted pleasure as well.
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