#Roundup - January 22nd edition

#Roundup - January 22nd edition

Gary Gary
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #28!

Here we are, at the end 2010: week three. I don’t think that I have completely gotten over the shock of it actually being the year 2010 yet. But it pretty much business as usual here. Victoria is live on the Jaiya Show right now, as I am sitting here writing this. As an added Friday treat, she sent the Ewoks to the neighborhood coffee shop before she went on the radio, so I am also sipping on a nice double espresso… YEAH!

So a lot of cool stuff happened this past week here at EF:
- The most badass of these changes is the new ability to add a video to any review. I was very excited when I was told this option was now available. I went and added all of the videos I had made for reviews (2 to be precise) that for one reason or another ended up not being used with the former video review template. So hopefully this will lead to more videos going up from everyone. Oh yeah, the videos appear on the product pages too! Here is an example of this new ‘Video on Product Page’ technology

- Another new change that I am sure you will all be excited about… no more Smartpost. We tried it out, it didn’t work that well, and now it’s gone.

- On your public profile, in the ‘About Me’ section, you can now see some statistics for your community participation. How many reviews you have done, how many threads you have started, how many posts you have made, cool stuff!

- And… you can now create and use Offsite Review widgets for any review. I posted a Forum Thread about this the other day, which explains where to find the option to create this widget.

The new interview with Em and Lo (Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey of EmandLo.com) is now up. You can go over now, check it out, and start asking some questions. They're choosing favorite questions to give out prizes too!

The interview with Alicia Kay from Je Joue just ended and most of the almost 60 questions have been answered already. That wraps up tonight. As for the Je Joue G-Ki contest, Alicia personally chose MrsRobertThomas for asking her favorite question, and Adriana won the other G-Ki that Eden Café was giving away. Thank you Alicia, and congratulations to MrsRobertThomas and Adriana!!!

Also going on over at Eden Café right now is the contest for the LELO Mona - this is still going on. If you haven’t already checked it out, you really should!

It looks like our grand total of reviews submitted this week was 209. As I said last week… NICE! That’s now 4 weeks in a row that we have broken 200. Keep up the good work, everyone!

Ok… and now onto the sex toys. Here are this week’s top 5 reviews…

Ryokenohki - “Like an Awesome Purple Nurple” - a review of the Adjustable Nipple Clamps by Spartacus Enterprise. Welcome to the community Ryokenohki!!! Ryokenohki is the newest review contributing member of our community and also a contender for best review title this week! Seriously how often are reading something and see the words ‘Purple Nurple’ written out. It made me laugh. But there is also a whole review on these nipple clamps before this great name. Go take a look and say hello!

Sam Benjamin – “Soaked in Sex: Pretty People, Having Fun” – a review of the Playgirl: Soaked In Sex DVD by Playgirl TV. Here we have a porn review that takes us outside the normal confines of an onsite review, and directs us over to Sam Benjamin’s blog. Here you will see not only see the review for Playgirl: Soaked in Sex, but you will also see a number of screenshots from the movie. I know it has nothing to with the review, but this blog has a great name theme going. Go take a look. I know so far I am all about the names this week.

Saraid – “A great basic plug” – a review of the Plug of Lust Large butt plug by Orion. Here we have a review on an inexpensive, silicone butt plug that was awarded 5 stars by Saraid in her review. She says that this plug is a good medium plug, and therefore might be a great 2nd step for someone who has just started experimenting with anal play. Take a closer look to find out more.

Julia – “Well isn’t that cute” – a review of the Hugs ‘n Kisses coupon book by Pipedream. I like the idea of this coupon book a lot. Devoting the time to honoring the coupons makes me picture a pretty relaxing and awesome evening! Go check out the review and then buy some coupons for yourself!!!

MonaFry – “Don’t Judge Dice By Its Sides” – a review of the Passion Dice adult game by California Exotics. Ok, we are ending the roundup with a one-two punch of romantic gaming and fun here. If you spent an evening playing with these dice, you just might have a good time. As an added bonus here, MonaFry included her list of the top 5 people she would like to see naked. If you want to know who, you are gonna have to go see for yourself.

That’s it for this week folks. Have a great weekend!
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Victoria Victoria
Whoa! This *really* is a Weekly Roundup!!! Lots of news, lots of updates, and great reviews to boot - I love it!
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
This is like super round up. SO much happened in the last week!

Kudos Gary and congrats everyone.

Now I need to go buy a Plug of Lust...
Sammi Sammi
An amazing amount happened last week!

Congrats to all!
Kayla Kayla
A lot of great reviews happened last week. Great choices.
MuffysPinguLove MuffysPinguLove
Congrats everyone, what a great roundup
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