#Roundup - May 22nd edition

#Roundup - May 22nd edition

Victoria Victoria
We had about 150 total reviews come in this week. Over a quarter of them are Follow Up reviews!

Our eleventh voting thread finished this week, congrats again to our 8 new Advanced Level reviewers!

The twelfth voting batch is up and has been put into 4 groups on 4 separate voting polls. These polls are open for votes until Tuesday, May 26th at 7:30pm – be sure to vote!

This week’s five are:

Baby Sinead’s real time video of this sexy dude getting nekkid on her new stripper guy mug is awesome. Nice way to have your coffee or tea or soup...yum.

No pussy jokes to be found in this excellent and inclusive guide to cunnilingus – and gives more than just oral sex advice, according to bodymodboy’s review.

Firemeup is getting a hang of the ropes with this beautifully done book on bondage – a very thorough look at styles and techniques.

Red whips it good with this reliable little standby rubber whip – just don’t whip out someone’s eye or piercing!

The well loved Pure Wand gets a fresh look in this down-to-earth debut review by Queer Art Rebel.

Which others were your favorites this week?

A happy super-fun-BBQ-tastic holiday weekend to all!!!
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Cinnamon Chambers Cinnamon Chambers
Awesome reviews this week!
Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
I really loved Firemeup's review! In my opinion, it's practically an ideal book review.
bodymodboy bodymodboy
Holy crap! I made the round up!
Sammi Sammi
A lot of good ones this week!
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
The hundreds of reviews I've read this month are spinning around in my head and I can't keep one week straight from another. Halp! It's like a Dr. Seuss movie in my brain!

Seriously, though... lots of good ones. I've been enjoying Sleeping Dreamers pony stuff series of reviews but can't remember if the last one was this week or last week or next week.
Oggins Oggins
There's so many great ones coming in that I can't keep up either! I too have been enjoying Sleeping Dreamers Pony reviews. They are sooo tempting! =)
Nashville Nashville
AW, thanks for all the love! The pony items have been the BEST items I've been fortunate enough to review and I'm so very sad to say that there are no more left for me to write about. However, there are follow ups coming that make me wonder why I never explored this side of myself before.

I totally agree, Firemeup's book review is by far, one the best book reviews I've been fortunate enough to read.
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