#Roundup - November 27th edition

#Roundup - November 27th edition

Gary Gary
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #22!

I hope that all of you a great day yesterday! I guess it is not politically correct to assume that everyone celebrated Thanksgiving… but still, most people at least have off from work either way, and that is always a plus.

So today is the sinister, Black Friday, and since just about everything seems to remind me of horror movies, here are a few random thoughts… Regardless of business profits (going from ‘in the red’, to ‘in the black’ on the Friday after Thanksgiving), to me Black Friday sounds way more menacing than Halloween, Sam Hain, and Friday the 13th all combined. Too bad the name is misleading, but this happens.

There was a book or a short story I read in High School (I think it was called the Lottery), were, do to the beliefs of the people in a small town, there was a lottery to see which person from the town would be sacrificed; you know, so all of their crops would flourish in the coming year; or something like that. Or perhaps there would be a secret drawing, and then on Black Friday the shadow people would come in the night for the winner. Anyway…

In the news this week, EdenFantasys will be offering a 30% off Holiday Coupon Code to all contributors. Check out the forum thread I posted earlier today for more details. Also the interview with Leathbeaten’s Co-Owner & Co-President Billy Ditchburn is still going on, so stop by and ask some questions. I guarantee you will get a very thorough and entertaining response from Billy!

As for reviews, we had a 137 reviews submitted this week. I think that after the insane amount of reviews that you all have submitted over the last 2 weeks, along with this being a holiday week, 137 is still a pretty good number of reviews. Of the 22 Roundups that I’ve now hosted, this isn’t even close to our lowest week. So relax everyone, we will get ‘em next week

I haven’t given the roundup a silly name in a few weeks now, so how about we call this weeks edition the…
Weekly Review Roundup #22 – The Black Friday Sex Toy Massacre

And now ladies and gentlemen, here are this weeks 5…


Jill Ingoff: “Best Bullets for your Buck” – a review of the Impulse Twin Bullets by California Exotics. Here is our newest review contributing member of the community… Welcome to the Community Jill Ingoff! First of all I would like to compliment you on having a great screen name that makes me smile! Jill Ingoff signed up on Saturday, and submitted her very first review last night. In her review she says that these Impulse Twin Bullets are “the only vibe I’ll ever need”. So there you have it, just like the everlasting gobstopper, you will only need one. Go check out the review and say hello!

Mrs. E: “Great First Toy!” – a review of the Waterproof Jack Rabbit vibe by Californai Exotics. Mrs. E is the second newest review contributing member of the community, Welcome to the Community Mrs. E! Mrs.! Signed up on Tuesday and submitted her first review, of her very first vibe on Wednesday this week. In her review she says that “all women need this one in their bedside drawer”. She also discusses using this vibe solo, or with a partner. Go take a look!

Sexy Lexi: “Think Dinky” – a review of the Dinky Digger II g-spot vibe by Fun Factory. Sexy Lexi tells us about her first ‘real’ vibrator here in this review. Not only was this vibe responsible in helping Sexy Lexi with ‘self discovery’, but, she has had it for over 5 years now and it still going strong. Go read all about it in her review!

~miss.heather~: “I am a Passionista” – a review of the book Passionista by Collins. It sounds as though Miss Heather picked a quite an interesting book to review about sexually and incorporates many different beliefs, including the White Tigress. The White Tigress is an ancient Chinese secret developed by Female Taoist Sexual Warriors. That sounds so cool! I want to know the secrets of ancient Chinese Sex warriors, don’t you?

Red Roulette: “Black Hole - is that a euphemism for something?” – a review of the Flip Hole Black masturbator by Tenga. This is not just an incredibly informative review of the newest Flip Hole masterpiece by Tenga, but this review is just plain hilarious. That’s all you need to know, now go read the review!

Good night everyone, and have a great weekend!
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Victoria Victoria
Great round up! Black Friday is sinister, for those who work retail and in crappy food places - oh dear cashiers and waitresses, my heart goes out to you today!

Great 5 this week! And cute pic, Sexy Lexi!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
Sammi Sammi
I can just envision the movie they could make with that title

Great roundup this week!
♥ Amanda ♥ ♥ Amanda ♥
Great Job Everyone!
MuffysPinguLove MuffysPinguLove
Great Job everyone, and what a great round up!
Gary Gary
I just thought I would give this Roundup a bump so that you had one last chance to read it before it sinks off the front page, and into the deep end of the forum.
Dragon Dragon
Originally posted by Gary
I just thought I would give this Roundup a bump so that you had one last chance to read it before it sinks off the front page, and into the deep end of the forum.
Thanks for the bump! I never saw it!
...... ......
Great reviews everyone!
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