#Roundup - September 04th edition

#Roundup - September 04th edition

Gary Gary
Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Weekly Review Round-Up #10!

This past week has been pretty smooth and quiet, and it kind of snuck by really quickly (at least for me). It looks like we are clocking in at around 156 on the review-ometer this week. Excellent job everyone!

And for once, I am not writing the roundup on top of death-storm mountain, it is very clear and sunny here in Philly today (which is odd for a Friday). Although our neighbor has this car, with a loose belt or something, and a few times today I’ve heard the car start up; and it’s so loud! Every time I hear it I imagine a giant two story tall locust on the street in front of the house, eating everyone on the block who goes outside.

So in honor the giant locust, this weeks roundup will be called:
Weekly Review Round-Up #10 – Rise of the Giant Man Eating Locust!

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are this weeks 5 reviews…

Shadow Hearth: “First Dildo Ever” – a review of the Jelly Royales® Dong Junior a realistic dildo by California Exotics. Welcome to the community! This is Shadow Hearth’s first review, of her very first dildo. For some reason the name Dong Junior, immediately makes me think of Donkey Kong Jr. But anyway… let’s go check out her review, and find out how this toy earned the 4 star rating she gave it.

Sin Secret: “Simple Pink Fun” – a review of the Slinky Pinky Bullet by Rocks Off Ltd. Right away Sin Secret tells us that this “could be your best friend”. I like the sound of that! So, let’s go find out more.

Lovers Love: “This Mini-vibe Means Serious Business!” – a review of the Harmony Mini-Vibe Bullet by Doc Johnson. Now who doesn’t need a small, quiet, discreet yet powerful bullet? Lover’s Love says “5 stars all the way!”, and it even comes with batteries.

Poppy: “Beautiful & Pleasurable!” – a review of the Taffy Tickler Silicone Twist dildo by Topco. This is a very unusual dildo; check out Poppy’s review to learn more about this forward leap in dildo evolution.

Scott A: “A match made in heaven - just bring the lube” – a review of the Curve Kit harness and dildo set by Tantus. According Scott A’s review title, this great joining was just too powerful to occur naturally here on earth, at the hands of mere mortals. If you want to find out more, check out the review!

Have a great weekend everybody!


And…from our friends, and fellow adult retailer, from across the Big Pond –
LoveHoney’s second weekly review roundup!

Their review program and format is quite different from ours, their content is sometimes shorter and they rate things with different scales, but we still thought it would be very interesting to have them share their Weekly Round up with us. How cool is it to read international feedback on sex toys and fun adult products? We think it’s pretty awesome.

Steve of LoveHoney says: Welcome to this week's review round-up from the UK's premier sex toy website, LoveHoney. Publish and be damned, we cry... so you wrote more than 200 reviews and they're there for all to read. Jump into to this week's hot five...

yummybunny penned her first review on Monday and then wrote a further six in the next couple of days - Gold Star and top of the class! Having used this toy for two years she finally delivered her definitive review this week. "I'm all over the ears," she yells... but has her Ultra 7 Future Tech Jessica Rabbit Vibrator stood the test of time?

"If it works on go-karts, it must work on you pretty well too," advises first-time reviewer Keiron. What on earth has he been doing with his ID Millennium Silicone Lube Squeeze Bottle? And don't mention this to his kids, either!

Eroscillator 2 Plus isn't a name that makes Abbie weak at the knees... "not very sexy!" she says. But as you'll find out in her expansive review, there's quite a lot to like about this expensive, if slightly odd-looking thing...

masterandslave have been busy this week with their new Bondage Boutique Thick and Long Suede Flogger. And, as you'll discover, they grown quite frond of it!

Reviewer cj72 has gone over the 40 mark... not in age, in the number of reviews she's written! Congratulations. And this week she discovered that small things can deliver incredible thrills when she got to grips with her LoveHoney 7 Function Magic Bullet 2.0 Mini Waterproof Vibrator.

Thanks for all your reviews - they tell you far more about the products than our descriptions ever could...
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VelvetBound VelvetBound
Again? Really? I am blushing right now!
Victoria Victoria
Wow, excellent roundup! Man eating locusts, harness sets, pink slinky pinkies and mini-vibes...oh my!

It's awesome that LoveHoney sent over a second roundup to share. Great show of collegiality -- Seems like some sweet sex is happening over in the UK!
Gary Gary
I think the LoveHoney segment is awesome, not to mention the fact that it kicks our weekly roundup up into the arena of being multi-continental.
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