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Contributor: Sirslovey Sirslovey
Best anal beads?
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Contributor: Leil@ Leil@
Originally posted by Sirslovey
Best anal beads?
What would be best for you depends on your preference, the amount of experience you have with the beads and anal play generally, and what sensations you crave to get.

Obviously, the best options are the body-safe ones, so silicone, glass, or metal beads would be a way to go.

If you're just starting exploring the world of anal play, then small size is what you need for the beginning. For instance, First love or Orgasm booster. BTW, glass and metal probably not the best materials for beginners as they allow no give. So silicone is the #1 choice for novices.

For those who are already familiar with anal stimulation and their body reaction, there is a wide variety of different sizes, textures, vibration patterns, and intensity. The triple explosion is not only beautiful and intense, but also it is the remote control, which is a great plus. If you prefer more gentle vibrations, I can recommend Love beads. If vibrations are not your cup of tea, then Booty probe with ridges or Big-o-bubbles may be wonderful options with their highly stimulating texture.

As you can see, the range of anal beads is pretty broad, and to help you not to get lost in all variety, we rounded the most useful tips in our guide How to choose anal beads. Hopefully, it'll help!
Contributor: SubmitForHerPleasure SubmitForHerPleasure
As a man, anal beads have never aroused me. However a good dildo or vibrator, whether for pspot or gspot works amazingly well. It is all an individual preference.
Contributor: I preferred a mix between the two I preferred a mix between the two
I'd stick to silicone for the fact it's the safest option
Contributor: Britannia Britannia
Originally posted by Sirslovey
Best anal beads?
For me, silicone and the bigger the better!