Beginner Anal Beads

Contributor: AshMegJo AshMegJo
I'm looking to purchase my first pair of anal beads. I own plenty of plugs, but would really like to test out some beads. I prefer silicone material, but I'm open to anything.
I would love to hear your recommendations! Thanks in advance!
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Dear AshMegJo, the first thing I would like to recommend is a shorter strand of beads. Since you are a beginner, and more accommodated to plugs, too long of a strand might feel uncomfortable.

Another thing you should look at are the spaces between the beads and how gradual is their increase. I wouldn't go for beads of the same size, since they tend to be larger and have big spaces between them, as well as a big ridge between the strand and the bead itself.

So, gradually increasing small-spaced or not-at-all spaced beads that are not too long. And definitely silicone.

I feel like the best option would be this strand right here - it has a comfy handle and a very mild change of width. It works wonders if you want to use beads as they are meant to be used - for beading off, aka pulling the beads out on the edge of the climax.

If, on the other hand, you want more of a butt-plug-like experience, for beads to stay inside for some time, and only enjoy the texture whether than pulling out, I'd go for for this option. A safe base and a modest size will make your wear super comfortable.

Hope this helps!
Contributor: MrClark MrClark
Sadly EF discontinued our favorite, The Flexi Felix which is a great starter set of anal beads. Even started my now wife with anal play with the Flexi Felix. They're 100% silicone and not super intimidating either.

We also liked the Backdoor Arouser toy that we were assigned to review a while back as another good anal bead style toy, which adds simple vibrations... my wife has definitely found anal vibrations help her relax and enjoy anal far more.
Contributor: kat434 kat434
As GingerAnn said, whatever beads you choose, be sure that they are silicone. Any really inferior material like jelly, porous rubber, etc. will harbor bacteria like crazy.

Maybe these?