Best lube for anal with silicone toys.

Best lube for anal with silicone toys.

Dawn (Lilac Distraction) Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
I really don't have any toys yet, but I've got a couple for my next order that I've been eyeing. I'm basically a beginner when it comes to anal toys and such. I really don't want to put anything porous up there because of the bacteria and everything. I also plan to share with my partner and have decided that silicone would be my best bet.

I hear that silicone lubes are awesome for anal . . . but not with silicone toys. I'm guessing this just leaves me with water-based options.

What are some of your favorite water-based lubes for anal? I have two bottles of regular System Jo H2O, but not the anal kind. Is it really any better?

And while you're here, what's a good toy for an advanced beginner/someone who already has a little experience but wants to take it further?
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lanky lanky
my wife and i just started ourselves. we love maximus
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I love Maximus but it does contain glycerin and Parabens. Some folks have a reaction to it, a burning sensation mostly. Another good one to consider is Sliquid Sassy Booty formula but and Probe Thick and Rich. Both of these are of the thicker variety so the stay put pretty good, they do tend to dry out so keep the bottle handy or a small spray bottle with water to reactivate it.

You can also use oil based lubes with silicone, it will last longer than water based. The concern here is if some gets into the vaginal canal, it could cause problems in some women. We use Sensuous massage oil for PIV sex and she has never had any problems. I have used it for anal play with good results. It is not the best for fast thrusting but is better for slow steady work.
slynch slynch
we use ID Lube
Acorn Acorn
If you don't usually have problems with parabens, Maximus is amazing.
indiglo indiglo
Agreed on Maximus. If you aren't sensitive to glycerin or parabens, it is probably the best water based anal lube. I love it!
FunStuff FunStuff
Oh awesome! I was just wondering about this myself as my favorite water based lube is Liquid Silk, but it does have a silicone ingredient in it. I am very sensitive though... hopefully I won't have a reaction to Maximus.
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