Bootie & Ryder, or Pure Plug?

Bootie & Ryder, or Pure Plug?

Love Perpetua Love Perpetua 10/29/2011

Okay guys, I need your expertise again. I posted a while back about getting my first butt plug, but since I don't have a mailing address yet - apartment hunting sucks/lucky to have friends and family - I haven't made a purchase yet. (In the meantime I have been poking around, writing reviews on products I already had, and just generally enjoying the Eden community. You guys are fantastic! )

Anyway, I got great advice on that thread, and narrowed it down to two plugs: The Fun Factory Bootie, and the Tantus Ryder. Then I started lusting after the Pure Plug. The issue is cost. I could get the Bootie AND the Ryder for less than the Pure Plug Medium. So, for someone new to butt plugs *but not new to anal play* what would you suggest? I'm thinking the rational thing to do would be get the Bootie, then the Ryder, and eventually get a Pure Plug of some sort. All my toys so far are silicone, and since being here I have glass, steel, and wood lust. I also want a plug that I can use for some DP.


- butt plug
- DP
- masturbation
- longer term wear


- is the Pure Plug that much better than a silicone plug?
- is it worth having both the Bootie & the Ryder
- why do I suck at making decisions?

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Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
What should I have in my toy box?
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Ryder (Black) & Bootie (Black)
3  (9%)
Only Pure Plug Medium
31  (89%)
Only Bootie (Black)
Only Ryder (Black)
1  (3%)
Total votes: 35
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AndroAngel AndroAngel
Brand Loyalty! I love Njoy's products, they're always such body-conscious shapes. I don't have a plug, yet, but from the look of them, they're lovely. And steel doesn't have the drag or lint-collecting capacities of silicone.
Toys in Love Toys in Love
Don't ever put an Njoy product up against another product.
Midway through Midway through
I think the pure plug is the best option.
Rossie Rossie
Instead of buying two silicone plugs, use the money to get the Pure Plug, you won't regret it. Although the Bootie also has a tilted head, it's no comparison to the Pure Plug, because the heavier weight makes a big difference. Once you inserted the Pure Plug, you'll immediately feel the wonderful pressure on your g-spot area.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Oh hard choice to make here, I am a big fan of the Ryder but an even bigger fan of stainless.

Lets look at the materials first, eh?

Soft, flexible, water or oil based lubes only, lint magnet, could be damaged, light weight.

Cold (At first), hard, hold temps longer, any lube, can be re-finished if damaged, heavy.

The Ryder and Bootie will give a more "Full" feeling due to the size of the heads, this may or may not be better for DP depending on if another toys is used or a penis and how big they are. For long term wear the base may become uncomfortable as the lube dries out. So you will need to reapply lube every now and then.

The Pure Plug may have a smaller head but the firm pressure may be felt more during DP, since you are looking at the Medium, that may work better as it will give you more room for toy or penis. Another plus to the DP deal is that the Pure Plug could be turned around if it is applying to much pressure (So could the Bootie). If you use silicone lube the long term wear issue will be lessened. Even when using water based, the finish of the stainless requires less lube to be slick.

Myself, if I was trying to decide, I would go with the Ryder/Bootie combo. That way I get two different style plugs to work with and see how things go. Then if I like the way the Bootie works for DP (Since it has the curved tip) spring for the Pure Plug later.
Antipova Antipova
I absolutely prefer a hard material for a plug, and Njoy's are incredibly designed.
jj1228 jj1228
i have heard that the pure plugs are wonderful and thats what i am looking to get next . Cant wait.
Antipova Antipova
And I just read your introduction more thoroughly---I couldn't be happier with my Pure Plug Medium for DP.
Love Buzz Love Buzz
you just cant go past njoy for quality and pleasurable design
FreedomHappens FreedomHappens
Go for the pure plug. In the long run you get better material and it will be cheaper.
MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
I got the bootie a few days ago and am not at all impressed....felt like it did not want to stay in....
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
I say go with the Pure Plug.
NarcissisticLust NarcissisticLust
Originally posted by Toys in Love
Don't ever put an Njoy product up against another product.
Agreed, it's an unfair competition lol
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
Thanks so much for your votes and comments! Even though I was super close to getting the Bootie and Ryder after ToyTimeTim's amazing analysis, I ended up going with the Pure Plug Med. I absolutely adore it. I'm also going to get the Ryder as my next butt purchase, because I want to see how silicone feels, but for now? I'm obsessed with my stainless steel wonder.
Brandonn Brandonn
I like how the pure looks
Rawhide Rawhide
lol... it's true, not fair to compare Njoy to anything else.

Bootie is a great little first plug but the base can block the vaginal entrance, so it's not always a good choice for DP. Since you're already experienced with anal I'd go ahead and spring for the Pure Plug medium or large.
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