Could a Big Boy aspire to be a Rock Chick?

Could a Big Boy aspire to be a Rock Chick?

WhoopieDoo WhoopieDoo
Here's the deal. I've recently become interested in the world of rabbits. Or rather, toys that I can shove into my vagina that will also make my clit happy. I'm happy to use dildos and vibrators separately .....but .....variety, spice of life and all that. I got a Jopen Vr15. While it's pretty damn nice, I couldn't help but notice that it would be even nicer if the angle between the shaft and the clit arm wasn't so....acute. Yes, I want there to be pressure against my clit....but that much isn't really necessary.

As I looked at other rabbits, it seemed like the vast majority of them had this oh-so-acute angle going on (with the exception of the Lelo Soraya, a very highly rated, and very expensive, option).

I also want something powerful, but the consensus seems to be that clit arms on rabbits tend to leave the pleasuree wanting....I decided it would be best if I could get something bullet-powered so that I could employ use of my Salsa for my demanding clitoris. The Rock Chick seems to be a fitting choice, but I'm worried about having the too-much-pressure situation.

The various "boys" offered by the same company (I'm mostly interested in the Big Boy and the Bad Boy are intended to be prostate massagers, but look to have the same general setup as the Rock Chick, except with a less extreme angle.

Are there any Edenites out there that have experience with using the Rock Off prostate massagers as dual stimulators (vaginally and clitorally)? If so, would you be so kind as to share your experiences? Please?
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Surely someone can help me out?
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